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We live in a small house is a bunk bed a good idea or bad for a 3yr and a 1 1/2 yr old both girls to share a room

Bunk beds totally scare me! DD is a roller and I've got her in a toddler bed and she still manages to roll out despite built in guard rails on both sides!!

I personally would use a normal size single bed for the toddler and perhaps have a trundle bed to roll out from under it for the 1.5 year old.

We live in a small house is a bunk bed a good idea or bad for a 3yr and a 1 1/2 yr old both girls to share a room

both of my DD's share one room and have bunk beds. dd1 was4 and dd2 was 1 1/2 when we got them that was about 2 years ago. the girls love it. we have rule that no one is allowed on the top bunk expect for sleeping. it had worked well for us. plus we use a thinner mattress of the top bunk making the safer rales higher
We couldn't live without our bunks!!! They are the best space savers, we currently have 3 boys in one room, there is no way we could fit 3 single beds in!

DS#1 moved into the top when he was 4 DS#2 was 3 and on the bottom. We have the same rule as pp you're only allowed up top to sleep, it works for us. And with bub #5 on the way a 2nd set of bunks will be in use in about 2 years time.
In NZ Plunket does not recommend children under 6 years old sleep on the top bunk. I would have the beds separate until your oldest is 6.
We just bought one for dd, it has quite high safety rails at the top which I'm happy about... I've been expecting some kind of accident and just hoping for no broken bones.... its just got to happen doesn't it? Lol, well today she fell off the ladder, and really scared herself so had a big cry. Thankfully she wasn't hurt... and I think she'll be a lot more careful now.

I do think if you're going to invest in anything with height you have to expect an accident at some point. For us its about space saving too... its the only way we could have a spare bed.

Bunkers have great lowline bunk beds - the top bunk is much lower than a normal one. They are pricey but great quality. Normal bunks and 'L' shaped ones.

Another option could be to get two cabin bunks - they sit up to a meter off the ground and have storage under them for books/toys/clothes etc.
Our girls are 6 and 3 and have been sharing a room with bunk beds since DD2 went into a bed 2 years ago, we have never had a problem with them. We have the built in stairs on the side though which makes it easier and less likely for DD1 to fall when getting up and down, they are a space save for us too, the stairs each open to store toys in and there are 3 big draws alonf the bottome too, we couldn't live without ours, they are awesome!
I know it's an old thread, but maybe it will be a timely resurrection for someone

We looked at metal ones but many of them seemed a bit ricketty and I couldn't imagine them standing up to hard use.

Also suggest when you buy looking at how difficult the beds will be to make e.g. one that has a ladder on the side or is hard to pull out from the wall will make it harder to make the bed. I've seen some where I think the only way you could make it would be to climb up make it while clambering over the mattress and ain't nobody got time for dat.

We also got secondhand Bunkers like this types (new is very pricey) when my DSs were about 9 and 7 and my now 22 year old still sleeps in the top bunk. Uses the bottom as a clothes pile except when friends stay over and sleep in it. The end of the bed has a couple of solid boards across it that can be used to climb to the top bunk, but the bottom one is missing now after a tall mate unintentionally kicked it off while sleeping in the bottom bunk one night.

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