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Hello ladies, so even though bub no 2 is not due till july i think i want to start getting rooms ready before i get too big.

Our 13mth old DD1 has her own room which is the second biggest in the house, then my DF's DD2(who is only with us every second weekend and maybe 2 nights a week) has her own room...and she is 10y/o.

The question is where to put new baby?! I see DD2's room as the biggest waste of space on the planet as she is barely here but i am unsure if its appropriate to put maybe DD1 in with her and get rid of her double bed (which she really doesnt need) and maybe get a sofa bed or something of the sort in there and tuck it away in the corner so theres room for DD1 and her bed?!

OR we could just get a bigger house hahahah

Does anyone have similar situations and how does it work out for you? Or any thoughts , my brain is fried!
i would jut put the two babies together personally but its up to you
firstly does DD1 wake in the night?
Secondly speak to DD1 I know she is only 13 months but you will be surprised at how much she can understand.
with use DD1 was 2 and want DD2 in the same room as her so she could be a better big sister now they love each other to death and don't want to sleep away from each other. so good in the long run
Hi, I would probably put the two babies in together too. You could have the newborn in your room for a few months then move the two little ones in together (it won't matter for a while if you happen to have a boy and girl). But I think the 10y/o wouldn't be very happy to share with a toddler, and might feel like she is being pushed away if she loses her bed and room.
Depending on if you have a boy or another girl, someone will have to share eventually!

I would also put the two babies together!

DD1 and DS shared a room at our old place and we kept the spare room as a toy room. DD1 is 15 mths older than DS and they had no issues what so ever! They initially had matching cots/toddler beds but I later bought DD1 a matching bed so their room all still matched.

We had DS in our room in a cradle for 7mths until he pretty much usually slept through but even when he did wake up DD1 seemed to sleep through it. Which was surprising as DD1 was previously a light sleeper!

We just used unisex themes sach as Winnie the Pooh at first and later Dora and Diego.

DS would usually fall asleep on the lounge while having his bottle and in the mean time DD1 would fall asleep in their room. As long as one of them was already asleep we would have no problems.

As others have said you don't want your DF's DD2 to feel like she's getting pushed out and being 10 yrs old she probably needs her own space. Especially if she is there three nights a week. Although a friend of mine's 8 yr old SS chose to share a room with his baby half brother even though she was happy to put her DS in with her 15 mth old DD.

im having a similar issue. Our 3rd bedroom is off the lounge and at other end to the other 2 bedrooms and bathroom so im thinking of putting bubs in with us until he is no longer fitting in the bassinett and needs to go to cot (DD fitted until 6mths) and then put him in with DD in her room, DD is keen to have baby in her room and looking forward to it but someone just mentioned about sharing with boy and girl

So hope you dont mind me asking another question in relation to this but Im wondering if you do put 2 little ones together like I planned and one is a boy and one is a girl, what age do you ladies think they then need to be seperated.

DD will be nearly 4 when DS is born and will be 4.5 nearly by the time they share a room but I feel she is still to young to venture out into the room of the lounge for safety and all that.
There would be no way I would take an older Step Child's privacy away and throw a toddler in the mix. I doubt she will like that very much.

I would just put the new baby in my room for 6 months and then put the two little ones in together once your new babies sleeping improves.

Really they are just a baby and a toddler, it doesn't matter if they are different sexes.
I think the younger ones will share well. My younger two share a room and my 10yr old has her own, at that age they need privacy and space. You could always store things in there, I'm sure she wont mind a few toys etc in her room, that way you will feel you're getting good use of the room.

Our DD1 (6) has her own room, the smallest in our 3 bedroom house. I figured as she's older she doesnt need the 'babies' touching her things and waking her when she needs to rest up for school.

DD2(27mths) has shared the larger room with with DS(8mths) since he was 6 months old and outgrew the bassinette in our room. She was a really light sleeper, and he stirs several times a night at the moment as he's teething, but she only ever stirs if he wakes at 5-6am.

I would suggest you use a bassinette in a combination of your room, the older childs room, and lounge room for the first six months or so until they no longer fit and are sleeping a little better, then move bub into your toddlers room.
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