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In the dr's eyes Lock Rss

Thanks everyone!!

I was distraught when I left the GP...she made me feel like I was a bad mother. Good to hear your stories though, it makes me feel better. Thanks again.

I know the feeling Honey.. I was devastated, But as long as your bub is happy & healthy thats all that matters!!! Glad your feeling better grin

maybe give her solids first and then the bottle she is proberbly full by the time she finished her milk.

just a thought

Exactly what I was thinking, even if it's just for one meal at first.
Thank you to the beautiful people who replied to my thread. It's hard being a first time mum and not having a mum or mum in law to turn to.

Anyway went to the Child health Nurse today and she reassured me that my DD was perfect and was far from fat.
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