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hey i was wondering what do you consider a "mans job" lol
like yard work and so on and does your man do them?

just curious
In my house I mainly do vomit and poos from little people and my Dh does dead animals and dog poos.

Apart from that I sometimes do the lawns and I keep the gardens and bring in wood for the my DH is lucky wink

But just editing to say that he is the one who goes out and cuts and stacks the wood mainly
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DH does cooking and mowing the lawn smile and the gardening.
Anything too heavy for me to lift or too high to reach he has to do. Everything else is fair game, no divisions.
DH does the vacuuming, garden/outdoorsy/garage stuff, the cars and works full time.

I do the finances, cooking, general inside cleaning/housework and kidlet related stuff.
the only "man" job in this house is the technology. his "special skills" are anything on the computer or ipod/tv. all the other jobs seem to go unnoticed by him so are mine unless i specifically request him to do something. bins/animals/brushcutting/removing spiders all me. i find it interesting as his mum did fixing while his dad did housework. i get the impression he feels a bit lost with his man job identity! lol
anything that is outside is technically 'his' job, anything that is inside is 'my' job.. having said that tho, there isnt any real mine & his jobs, its really whoever gets to it first.
I would consider yard work, putting the bin out to be a mans job.

Does dh do them....NO!
I do the house work, my dh mows the lawn and looks after the outside. His one other job is taking out the garbage (though he 'forgets' and 9 times out of 10 I end up doing it!lol)
We share gardening, I have my garden at the front of the house that I work on smile

In my house there are "pink jobs" and "blue jobs". All pink jobs can become blue jobs. Blue jobs can NEVER become pink jobs. Pink jobs include washing, cooking, dusting, vaccuming, watering the garden and the like. Blue jobs include moving lawns, taking out the bins, cleaning toilets, taking the hair out of the drain, and any other jobs that involve smells.
My DH is the most helpful hubby on earth! Couldn't ask for a better one smile

There are a few things that are DH's jobs. Cleaning the bathrooms, nearly everything outside and then also handyman stuff. Everything else we just split, take turns or do together except I do all the baking because I love it smile

The only 'mans job' as such in our house is dh putting the big bin out by the road on bin day... its uphill and I struggle with it. He has forgotten for the last two weeks in a row but so I'm rushing back to do in while I'm trying to drop dd to school.... Grrrrrr

The rest of the stuff... the jobs are not segregated to gender at all. Having said that dh would do probably 20% of the work to my 80%. It's only on the odd occasion that he will do washing, cooking or cleaning..... (he does tidy up regularly and is very capable with dds needs) and I also like getting out in the yard on the mower etc so we both do that. At the moment he does the weed spraying. I'm not going near that stuff while preggas.

Handyman stuff... I usually do it because if dh does it its rushed and dodgy. I prefer things to be perfect. Lol

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