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I am hosting a baby shower in a few weeks and we are doing a high tea sort of thing. There are mainly oldies (as an over 50) and 4 young people so not too keen on games etc not really her thing just want a nice small gathering, eat, talk, go home lol.

Any ideas for food? recipes you have? im thinking a really nice punch, scones with cream and jam. little lemon meringue tarts, some sort of finger sammis maybe mini quiche??

Im wanting to make everything my self as well so any ideas throw them my way!! Also what else could you do instead of games?

I was thinking of doing a belly cast and everyone can paint, draw what ever they want on it. Any suggestions are welcome

Ness xx

cupcakes are nice and easy, homemade sausage rolls and sammies are good and fruit and lolly kebabs?

cupcakes are nice and easy, homemade sausage rolls and sammies are good and fruit and lolly kebabs?

def doing sammis have any good filling ideas? Will be doing like brownie cupcakes and will most prob have a little cake as well. Sausage rolls are good!

I like spinach and feta triangles and mini quiche they seem to go down well with the oldies too. Love the idea of scones fairy cakes are nice too with some jam & chantille cream - cream with sugar and vanilla in it as they are not too heavy.

Depending on how many people you have you could buy some plain onsies and have them all decorate them with fabric paint.

Or if you want plain games which I had - require little effort of guests.

1. Guess the amount off mm's in a baby bottle - closest wins bottle with chocolate in it.

2. The old favourite - guess the size of your belly have wool and scissors to guess.

3. Get them to write down as many songs they can think of with baby in it. Winner takes prize - skin care soapy products like avon or something seem to go down well for oldies too.
These sammies are really good. They are club style so you put cream cheese and sliced canned apricot on the top layer and then the bottom layer is lettuce and chicken.
They are sooooooo yummy!!

The other thing you could do is make wraps with salad stuff- not a lot though because you need it to be neat and compact and wrap up and use a sweet mayo- I use the NZ traditonal homemade sweetend condensed milk and vinegar mix- to glue the wrap together and then when you are ready cut into slices with a sharp knife and secure with toothpicks if needed.
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mini quiches...
fry onion and bacon....line a muffin tin tin puff pastry and put a scoop of the bacon mix in each hole. mix 6 eggs with a cup of cream, salt and pepper....put the egg mix in the muffin tray and top with grated cheese. Bake at 180 until golden brown.
you could also do a nice savory muffin mix, muffins, carrot cake, pav, fruit platter,banana bread....
good luck
my MIL took myself and SIL to a mini high tea for christmas. We had fancy toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, fancy egg sandwiches, mini pavs, mini choc eclairs, Chou pastry swans, mini vanilla cupcakes, scones with jam and cream and mini choc fudges. Also drink of choice, tea, coffee etc. Was really nice!
you can googled high tea recipes and find some nice sandwich mixes (chicken and herbs, smoked salmon with rocket etc), cheese cake and red velvet cupcakes seem popular as well as macaroons. As others have suggested quiches, mini muffins etc are good and easy to make ahead of time and freeze to save you a last minute baking frenzy.
you could do a peg game where you have a list of 'taboo' words related to pregnancy and the mum to be, everyone starts with 5 pegs and during the course of the shower as people chat, if you catch someone saying a taboo worrd you get a peg and the one with the most pegs at the end wins a prize.

Food ideas:

*Mini fruit salads in nice plastic cups (makes a nice break from all the unhealthy stuff, and there's still nice summer fruit around)

*Mini meringues/pavlovas - super easy to make (or buy and fill!), you can do it a few days in advance so you're not stressed on the day

*Honey crackles! I always make them and sometimes ppl haven't had them since as a child! Also SO easy to make a day ahead, recipe is on the cornflakes box

Non-gamesy kinds of games:
*Have everyone guess the day the baby will be born on cute little notecards, the sex and name too, and pin them into a timeline... The winner gets a bottle of champagne or something similar

*Write 'advice cards' for the hubby in the delivery suite
*Get everyone to write a nice/funny anecdote on an infant nappy... So in the first week the mum will have lots of funny messages to remind her of her friends and family

*Have a few things written on pieces of paper like "Will make a lasagne for mum in baby's first month", "Will pop in with a cake in April", "Will bring coffees in March", "Will watch the baby for an hour while mum gets her haircut in May" etc etc. Put the offerings in a jar and pass it around for everyone to choose. You can add in some funny things!
Not sure what to suggest

However all food mentioned making me so hungry . { food I want some lol }
Enjoy baby shower / high tea /
Buy the latest edition of super food ideas magazine. Theres a section in there on food for high teas! Nice & easy & cheap too.
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