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Really deep and meaningful topic here lol

Pumpkin patch have one pair I like and there's an ok pair in jeans west (they had 3 styles and the other 2 were skinny leg.... SKINNY LEG! during preg??? wt?) aaanywho... just hoping for some reviews.

Have you got / had either of them before? Were they comfy? Did they wash ok? Did you need a university degree to put them on / fasten them? Are there any others that you would recommend?

Would prefer to buy in store so I can try them on... if I'm going to spend $70 odd on jeans I'll only use for roughly 4 months I want to be sure they'll fit!

TIA smile

Can't remember where i got mine.

Don't know about wearing them for 4 months. My DD is 21 months and I still wear mine!! Wore them today in fact. Lmao.

Actually, not sure if that is funny or sad. smile
i bought mine last pregnancy from Kmart for $25, and everyone commented on how great they looked. Im usually really fussy with jeans but the Kmart ones were comfy and did the job. I didnt want to spend to much for the amount of wear i would get out of them.
TGW... I was thinking about wearing them after preg or possibly keeping them for next time?? wink

k.a.b.e ... kmart don't have maternity clothes anymore :'( That's the first place I went as their stuff was great with my first 2 pregs, but alas... no more "bump 2 bub" :'( :'( :'( (I think that's what it was called)

I had 2 pairs of maternity jeans, they were both from Pumpkin Patch (and definitely weren't skinny leg).
One pair I had through 3 pregnancies and I loved them, they had the elastic waist that sat below your belly and were made of stretchy denim.
The other pair I had through 2 pregnancies and they were comfy too (I liked the shape of the other pair better), they had the elastic adjustable waist like in kids pants so these ones were best for post pregnancy. The denim wasn't as stretchy though.
Thanks MT82... I'm thinking I'll go with the PP ones. I was given a pair (Not PP) and they're so uncomfortable, glad to hear they're not all like that as I really miss my jeans! lol

No worries, hope you can find some good ones that are comfy enough to live in!
I couldn't live without jeans - I was so glad I had them! smile
I've been wearing these supre yoga-style pants with the roll-up top (I bought 4 pairs as they were only $10). Not maternity pants but they may as well be coz they're super stretchy! They're great, but I'm just getting a bit sick of wearing the same thing every day lol.

I know the ones you mean - I had a pair of those too, I mainly only wore them at home, they are very comfy. You're right, it's nice to be able to wear something different - makes you feel better about yourself too.
With my last pregnancy, I bought some maternity jeans from Jeans West. Both were skinny legs, one was stretch and the other the unyielding type denim. I SWEAR BY THEM!! They were amazing. I wore them nearly every day, so comfortable (especially the dark blue stretch ones). And I looked great in them haha. You could wear them casually or dress them up and there is a big belly band that comes up over your belly so that you're not always pulling them up (as well as the waist adjustment like you get with the kids' clothes at PP!) and there was no plumbers crack! haha

They're about the same price, or two for $110, I think. But seriously, if you're considering buying the PP ones, try the Jeans West ones first. You just pull them on and up over your bump. Don't even have to unbutton them. <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span> And they have a 12 month warranty on them!!

Here is the link to check them out. <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span> I had "Forever Indigo" (super comfy) and "skinny black"
Hi I got mine from Jeans West, and found them really comfy until the last 6 weeks, then I couldn't wear them! But looking forward to getting into them after baby is born within the next week. I think they'll be really comfy for after birth...
I also got another pair from the website "Baby, Bump and Beyond". They are also really comfy and reasonably priced smile
you could try Target <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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