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Maternity jeans Lock Rss

I had maternity skinny legs from jeans west in blue and black smile super comfy

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

During my first pregnancy I got a pair from PP and they were FANTASTIC!!!!! I only had one pair as I was still working so only needed them for weekends. With DS I got a pair from BigW and they were also very comfy. I still wore my PP ones most of the time though as they looked like proper jeans and didnt have the fold down bit and they were adustable waist which was great for post birth.

The pants I've been wearing arnt jeans, they're black.. but just wanted to share as they are SO comfortable and they're actually quite flattering if thats possible. They are just from target - they have full length, 3/4 length and shorts.... I bought all 3 because I love them so much! Lol

I usually hate maternity clothes, these are the only ones I've bought.

These are the ones I'm talking about in the shorts - I couldnt seem to do d the longer ones. The longer ones are my fav, they look really nice on.

Wow... you're all awesome smile

except now I have a wish list worth several hundred $$ ... bad huggies mummies!! tongue

I didn't realise JW had such a good range. The store I went to only had the 3 pairs (seriously people... how do you manage skinny leg jeans? I'm having enough trouble hauling my fat hini into stretchy pants and I'm only 24 weeks!!)

Chalys... the link says the shorts are sold out unsure wonder if I can find them in store before they're replaced by winter stock?

Target tops look great, tossing up whether I should get some nursing tops or not. Bought a couple of cheap "dresses" from supre to wear as maternity tops (I use the word dresses very loosely as even if I wasn't UTD they'd barely cover my goodies) so I'm set for the moment, but don't know if they'll be practical post-baby.

Sigh... life is so complicated tongue

Yep the site says sold out... but I saw them in all three lengths in our local target on Friday, so I'm guessing you might be able to find them in store if you were interested in them.

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