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Dissapointment in childcare centre Rss

Hi Huggies members,

I would like to reliterate to parents the importance of choosing daycare before enrolling their child

I have joined this site as I require support and understanding from other parents in my situation. Please read on and follow on FB if you agree with my plea to childcare: KIDICORP CHILDCARE, NZ

You can view their FB page kidicorp Childcare to find further information regarding the following. Is this chidcare centre for you?

a little insite;

My initial plea;
"The last straw was when they were admmitted to hospital. Doctors advised me that yes, illness is common when children first start daycare but to the extent that my children went through was not NORMAL. I made contact with the daycare, let them know of the situation. They allowed termination of the enrollment immediate YET when discussing the 50% off the week fee when the children are ill was not granted to me. Out of the 104 days of Kidicorp attendance, one of my twins were absent for 42days."


"In addition, from what we know this is a rather complicated situation, with you feeling that you are owed something and in part, due to the fact that WINZ helped subsidise your children's care."

PLEASE follow Kidicorp on FB and you will be able to see whether you agree with Kidicorp or myself smile
If one of your kids is constantly getting sick - I'd be going to your doctor and demanding that they check the bub's immune system - not automatically blaming the childcare centre.
Hi, I'm sorry that that your kids have been so sick. As far as I can work out you want 50% off the price of days that your children were sick? I can understand your frustration at having to pay for services that you didn't use but my parents own a childcare centre and I know for a fact that they could not afford to make deals like that. My parents do not make a heap of money and actually struggle to pay staff, rent and bills each week as it is. If the centre has kept a place open for your children they rely on that money to run their centre.
I can see how you would be frustrated but as a pp has said. Childcare centres would go broke otherwise. I work in a centre and have 3 children who attend another one (Under same boss) We do pay when they are sick and not there but it is a business and has to make money somehow. Staff get paid when they are sick and there are lots of other costs involved. My boss is struggling at the moment and if she gave half price to children that were sick she would have gone under by now. An unfortunate side of sending your children to daycare is that some of them pick up every bug going, as they are more sucepticle to them. (Sorry can't spell this morning)
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