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children sharing a room - advice please Lock Rss

We have two DS's one is 5 and one is 13 months.
we always thought they would share a room, but so far they have been in separate rooms b/c
1) DS2 has been a tricky one to self settle and has often woken up during the night.
2) DS1 decided he is scared of the dark and wanted a light on all night whereas DS2 goes to sleep in the dark !

but we seem to have made a breakthrough in the last two weeks, with DS2 self settling and DS1 having a little night light instead of bright light.

so we want to give it a try. DS1 is desperate for DS2 to share his room.

Anyone moved a child of around the same age in to a sibling's room ? any advice ? did it work ?

It didnt work for us, we tried it for 2 weeks - either one would wake the other and both got considerably less sleep than if they were in their own room.

The older one coped ok but the younger one it really took a toll on, when we reverted back to own rooms they both slept an extra 2 hours and now my 5 year old is awake between 7 and 7.30am and my 3 year old almost always 1/2 an hour after. Its also much better for getting them to bed - both go at 7pm and there's no mucking around. When they are in the same room they would still be awake an hour after putting them into bed, alone in their own rooms they just go to sleep at 7pm.
Thanks happyhead. Yes this is one thing we are wondering- less sleep for them. Especially because DS1 is a great sleeper.

We are thinking of giving it two to three weeks and if it isn't successful by then they go back into their own rooms.

Thanks for replying.
Mine share a room - our room!

We have had no dramas, but they have shared since birth, so I guess they have always been used to it. dd1 is 4.5 dd2 is 2.5. We have never really had any dramas with it. They both sleep really well, they sometimes even cuddle up together to go to sleep. They both have their own beds, dd1 has a lamp so she can read after dd2 has gone to sleep and they have never really woken each other up except for the very odd occasion. At the moment they are very excited as they are getting bunk beds and we are setting up the room across the hall for them both.

I wonder whether 2-3 weeks is enough time to get used to it. I know as an adult it would take a while to get used to sleeping with another adult. You need time to get into your rhythm. I would be giving it a bit longer maybe with lots of routine! You could also get a divider to split the room in terms of light, getting distracted and creating their own space.
Mine just accidentally started sharing. I got bunk beds for dd1 and dd2 to share down the line and my DS, 5, and dd1, 3 1/2 are now sharing a room. I find if I do my DD first (teeth, toilet, book), then do my DS, it works better than trying to do it all at the same time. So the baby is now in my sons room, and I put her down 1/2 an hr before I start the others. I am by myself too now and it is working remarkably well (touch wood). Good luck!
We put our two girls in together when DD1 was nearly 4 and DD2 was 12-13 months. They actually slept better in the same room. Ours wasn't really by choice, we only have a 2 bedroom house, and prior to sharing, DD2 had been sleeping in our walk-in cupboard!! Similar to you, our DD1 had a night light and DD2 slept in full dark, but she got used to it really quickly. Now at 4 and 7, I dont think they'd like to be alone at night.
My boys have beed sharing since 19months and 4months. They do great. They're 3.5 and 2 now. They didnt get too silly with each other until number 2 was out if his cot. They got used to each other really quick, a couple of unsettled nights and then they started sleeping throigh each other unless they were really bad.
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