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Maitland and surrounding areas... Lock Rss

I post a week ago in the right section with no response and really want a response smile

My husband started a job in Maitland last week, which means he'll be gone 3 to 4 nights a week as it's a 2 hour drive and he is contracted to work 9-12 hours a day...

I haven't said anything to him yet but i've been thinking maybe it's an option if his job works out that we all move down there...

I know nobody down there...

What does maitland and surrounding areas have to offer?

I have 2 children in school, have looked up Maitland Christian School on net so they'd be my 1st phone call.

I'd only be happy to move after our baby is born in July and before the start of 2013 new school year.

How far are the Newcastle Uni campus's from Maitland? I am currently studying at home through them but for my degree will need to study on campus.

I currently live 45 min from my parenrts so would be nearly 3 hours away from them if we did move, so I wouldn't be able to see them once a fortnight like i do now which makes me kinda sad.

What do know? and/or think?


I cant help much with Maitland, as i am in Muswellbrook, but i'll give it a go for you. In regards to shops, maitland has what you would need, as it has lots, and all the homeland centre type thing eg. bunnings, spotlight etcetc.

The uni wouldnt be too far, but the train also goes straight to the campus.

Cant shed any light on the schools though sorry. In regards to your parents, could you take turns on the weekends so they drive down one weekend and then you the next fortnight?

hope this helps a little,

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