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Anyone with partners/husbands who work away from home Lock Rss

Hi guys,

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and since i was about 12weeks my fiance has been working in Darwin (we live in Melbourne) generally its 2 weeks on one week off but can be anywhere up to 3 even 4 weeks hes away at a time. Lately I've been feeling really *** about it and alone and i'm definately not usually like this. I have friends but it always seems to be me going to them not the other way around.
So my question is how do you handle things when you're feeling crappy about being alone?

Thanks ash
hi, my partner works in the mines. He was originally working 2 wks on, 1 off but now he is 1 on, 1 off- which is sooo much better!
We have a 3yr old and I'm currently 39wks pregnant with our second.
We moved to a new town so I have no family or real friends of my own. I found it really hard too.. especially when our son was a baby and my partner was away for the 2 wks.
I actually found that me returning to work part time was the best thing. As much I didn't need to financially, it was such a great thing for me to get away from bubs for a few hours and have a conversation with adults!
This lifestyle has just worked for us, although I am feeling a little anxious about having 2 kids on my own when he is away!
I too found that my friends became distant when I was pregnant (as none of them had kids yet).
The best thing I would recommend is joining a mothers group after the birth of your baby. Its nice to have people to talk to about 'baby' issues etc, and you can make lots of friends from it.
My mothers group still catch up 3 yrs on, and many more babies later! Its the best thing! And between that, and part time work, I've kept my sanity! (most of the time)
Good luck to you smile
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