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morning girls! Lock Rss

What's up? I'm just killing some time before taking dd to school... did I miss anything interesting?

Not much happening in this camp, hubby & I spent the long weekend building a big rabbit house that might double as a chook house.... so with all that bending into awkward spaces, squatting, standing, kneeling.... my body is screaming! Who waits til this far along to do something stupid like that? Lol however dd loved it, she helped me paint it, all it needs now is a roof.... and I'm leaving that to hubby!

Oh and success! Baby has turned around! I'm pretty relieved about that! I'm sure all the crawling around in the shed helped but I also lay on the side of the bed with one leg on the floor, then starting on my side rolled very slowly onto one side of my belly - not on the baby, but just pushed it all across. Bubs had a big wiggle and voila! Then I stood up and thought it was going to fall out as the head went down into my pelvis... my gosh that was a weird feeling! Lol

Hmm what else..... yesterday my boob leaked in public. Have done well to get away with no leaks so far - it happened much earlier last time! Bit embarrassing! Haha

How was your weekend?

So glad that your baby turned around. Not long to go now.

Nothing special being on when i've being on.

Glad your back Chalys + 1 smile

Glad your bubby has decided to turn for you.
My big news is that dh has agreed to TTC for 1 more bub. I'm so excited.
I'm also trying to wean ds from bf. The trouble is I've allowed him to comfort feed for a fair while and he's very attatched. But yesterday I managed to get him not to have a lunch bf. He didn't want his bottle as he so far hates that but I got some different teats and I'll keep trying.

I hope your taking it easy smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Ohhhhhh, I would love a chicken coop. Couldn't do it on my own though. Bit cash strapped at present too.

Welcome back. I weeded the vege patch on my due date with #3. Thought I might die the next day, most idiotic thing ever!

Nothing doing here. Dd2 slept from 6.15-5am last night after being a super bad sleeper (reflux, upset with my husband and I separating, etc...). Woke up at 1am and rushed in to see if she was alive. A bit dolly parton-esque in the boob region this morning! Don't know if it's a coincidence, but I put those raw Baltic amber beads on her two days ago, so???

Other than that nothing else to report. Quite an uneventful weekend.
sounds like all the hard work(labour lol) worked in turning your bubby.Boring weekend here Brad's cricket team got rolled for 24 runs in the grand final yesterday, 13 of the 24 runs were from sundries and 7 of the boys got ducks sad so there were plenty of long faces.Oh well, they better train in the off season.
Sounds like your bunny will love its new mansion!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Slc... we made the whole thing out of recycling what was at our place.... part of the framework was a homemade easel (disassembled of course) that we've had for years (it was a big one! Lol) , the main house part of it was an old cubby house of dds that she never used, the roofing was iron left over from building our shed and the wire was from when we tried to make a fence for our dog that we no longer have. I had leftover grey paint from another project too - so all we bought was screws and some flywire to keep snakes out!

And you never know about the beads... but hey if it works, why not!

Nadz.... you slept IN the cot? Lol! That would've looked pretty funny! Lol I'm sure I would break it if I tried that one!

Love my babes..... I'm going to stalk you now waiting for news! Lol

Chalys I hope I have some happy news to share in the next few months. And here I'd be thinking your stalking me because I'm sooo interesting lol laugh laugh

Are you all set for bub now? smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Mostly all set. My cousin is lending me her bassinet but can't get it here for about another week yet but that'll be ok.... and the only other thing I havnt got is a nappy bag! I really wanted one that just looked like a nice handbag however any that I've liked have been around $300 which is out of the question! Lol

I don't know, we'll survive without a bag for a while! smile

Oh thats good. Yeah some of the nappy bags available are so nice but no way would I pay a lot of money just for something that holds a few nappys and a change of clothes. For the ds's nappy bag I subscribed to a parenting magazine and got it free grin

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Welcome back smile

So happy to hear the bub has turned - yay!!
And that hutch of yours sounds pretty impressive. DH made a guinea pig hutch a couple of years ago using all old bits and pieces we had lying around - looks pretty good!

Not much has being happening for me. We went to a cousins 18th on Saturday night, was quite a bit of fun - I got all dressed up in a 50's style dress and some heels just for something different (I'm usually in jeans and a nice top at those sort of family events), DD1 said I looked almost like a princess grin .
naww how fun i want chickens too but my partner isnt keen on the idea he says ill get bored of them lol my dd loves eggs so having chickens would b ideal smile

glad to hear bubs turned around for u yay smile bet thats a relief smile not much longer now could happen any day :)so u have everything set? just the waiting game did u have ur daughter early or late smile
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