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Do you leave you child/ren in the car? Lock Rss

I don't. Never have never will.
But people will...

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

I now leave my daughter who's almost 5 in the car while getting fuel and have done since she was about 18mths - 2 before then i would get her out.. anything else i wouldn't leave her in the car..

everyone's different..

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby in a few months and she asked our group of girlfriends at luchtime if we thought it was ok to leave the baby in the car at the petrol station, corner store or while going to get coffee and what we do. She seemed to think it would be Ok blink

When I only had the one baby there was no way I would leave her in the car while doing any of these things, I didnt see any excuse for it. Now that I have 2 I totally avoid doing these things cos its too hard to get them in and out the car. I'll walk to the corner shop to get milk, or pay cash at the pump for fuel, but more than often I'll get DH to fuel up or pick up what I need.

Another friend of mine was a bit more relaxed about it all, and said she always left her kids (2 & 6mnths) in the car at the petrol station and sometimes at the shop to run in for milk or bread.

Atleast we all agreed the leaving a baby in the car to get a coffee wasnt OK! I think she may have a few things to learn before her bubs arrives laugh

What does everyone else do?

There was an interesting thread on this a little while ago- lots of different opinions wink

It's not something I would ever be comfortable with! I wonder if your friend will change her mind when bubba is here! I know my ideas before having kids sure changed once dd arrived grin

No I have never taken DS out at a petrol station and I only leave him in the car at a dairy / bakery if I can see him from inside the shop.

In saying that, I live in NZ and I have never ever seen a mother taken her new born baby into the petrol station from the car - not to say that it doesn't happen. And I also only tend to stop at my own local dairy and the same petrol station when its just DS and I, any further away and I would more than likely have DF or someone else with me.

I don't feel like a bad parent for doing it either! But I would never go for coffee!!! or anything where I couldn't see the car AND hear the alarm!

where I live I leave both kids in the car to run in and grab the mail or get petrol. But there aren't really any people around and the car is right next to the door. In town though or the suburbs the kids come in with me. (aged 4 and 2)
No never taken the risk with it. I always get my 15month old out of car. My 14yr old happy to stay in car while I pay for fuel. Get drinks etc
ds1 I always took into petrol stations unless he was sleeping. Since #2&3 have arrived i never take them in to pay petrol. In saying that i only ever fuel up at the one station which my car is 5 steps from the door (seriously) Its much safer for me to leave them in then drag 3 kids under 5 into pay.

Im sure she will change her mind about a lot of things once the baby comes- she's definately the least maternal out of all my friends (she once asked if it would be ok to go for a run while a baby sleeps!???)
I was one of those very overprotective first time mummies- I didnt even like other people holding my first baby!!! never thought I'd be like that laugh

Yep, I was like that too! I've calmed down over 18months thank goodness! Will be interesting to see how she goes - hopefully no work outs while bubba is sleeping (unless they're sleeping in the pram laugh )

I would never do that, i'm too scared that someone will take them or steal my car with them in it. If i need petrol i either get hubby to do it or i get my mum to come with me.

If i run out of something, i text hubby to get it before he comes home. He said it's easier if he does it.

When getting fuel, if the servo isnt busy and there is no line then I will leave DD in the car while I pay. If I could have DH fill the car then I would but he drives his work car and the servo is an hour away so I fuel up when I'm in town. If I go to the corner shop, I will leave DD in the car but only because I can park in front of the door. Anywhere else, I will always take her with me.

I will leave my almost 4 year old in the car, only while paying for fuel, although sometimes she askes to come in to choose a treat hehe

i would not leave my 6 week old in the car tho unless i had hubby with me. we live just down the ra=oad from the petrol station so when DH gets home i usually duck off by myself to go get fuel now smile

I couldn't if I wanted, if my DS seen me leave his sight he would scream so bad lol.

DD1 would scream too! Either that or she'd get out of the car and follow me which is even more dangerous! Just not worth the risk!

I just wait til someone's with me or wait til DP's home so I can go out by myself to get fuel.

On a similar topic, can anyone tell me at what age is it okay to leave kids in the car?
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