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Do you leave you child/ren in the car? Lock Rss

Yes I do leave my children in the car. Amazingly enough for as long as I remember, I have never seen a mother or father in the petrol station with their babies/toddlers in tow.
i live in a small town so i leave ds & dd in the car the register is like 5 steps away from my car. it's the only place I'll fill up. ds is a runner so it would be way more dangerous for him outside of the car than in.
I've left DD who is 20 months in the car when it's raining and I have to collect DS from OSH. I sprint to sign him out and sprint back to the car. I'll only leave DD in the car if DS is with her, he's 11 and only if I'm going to pay for petrol or if I'm at like IGA and can see the car from the store. If I'm at the mall, then no ways or if it's baking hot outside, then that is a no-no for me. It doesn't happen often tho.

I have a few reasons- some reasonable, some not tongue

1. Someone stealing the car
2. Someone crashing into my car at bowser
3. What if something happens to me in/on the way to pay and no one knows which one my car is and my babies are in there for too long
4. (unreasonable one) - what if a stranger has a go at me for doing this sad
5. I am super uncomfortable with my dd being so far away from me in a very public place
6. What if there is a fire??
7. What if she finds a piece of food or a toy and starts chewing on it and chokes (another unreasonable one but seriously, stranger things have happened lol)

You know those things you think are non negotiables before you have kids? Like things that in your own mind, you didn't even realise there was another option? Leaving the kids in the car was one of those things for me- I just think you don't do it, it's do deeply ingrained I couldn't do it if I wanted to! Not judging others that do it cos theyre not leaving MY kids in the car smile

thanks for answering my question smile

i respect your decision and i'm not trying to change your mind or anything but 1,2 and 3 could happen anywhere not just at a petrol station.

i guess the fire thing is possible but highly unlikely and if it was to happen wouldn't you see it and run to get them out?

i just think that if you really think about it, the possiblity of any of those things you mention happening are very rare and the simple fact that you would only be gone for max 5 mins if that would not pose an life theatening situations.

my way of thinking is that it is more dangerous to take your child out. one reason being fumes. another is if you have multiple children it is even more dangerous as you either need to hold all of their hands or keep your eye on all of them at the same time as cars are coming and going.

also the risk of a petrol station being held up is more probable statistically than any other thing you mentioned happening and therfore your child/ren would be safer in the car.

just my humble opinion and as other have mention in my 16 years of driving i have never once encounted a parent taking their child/ren out to pay for petrol.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Yes I have and still do. When it was just DS I would leave him in the car when getting fuel, once I took him in with me because he was unsettled in the car and someone had a go at me for doing it. They thought that I had woken him up. Now I get fuel on fridays and DS is at daycare so it's just me and DD. After I've fuelled up I grab her out and she comes in to help get some fruit. I think she would freak out if I left her. I also do when checking our postbox at the post office. I have also done it a couple of times when running into the corner shop or if I've needed to get money out at the atm. All of those times I can see the car.

1 if someone stole my car my child wouldn't be in it if I didn't leave him in the car and if someone was hijacking my car with him in it I can tell you now I will fight tooth and nail to stop them they won't be leaving with him

2 if there was a fire at the car again the child would be with me and if I was just puting them in or taking them out I am right there to get them no time was wasted as I am right there

3 as for the fumes you can still smell them in the car as there is alot going round whether you are in or out the car

i think your missing the point of what i'm saying. if your car was LOCKED and you were away from it for 2 mins i highly doubt that it would get stolen in that time.And a carjacking can happen at a set of lights or on the street. And you have to agree the smell and fumes are much worse outside of the car!

i guess we will all justify our reasons for what we do and that's ok, we all see things differently.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

I know Im going to cop flack for this....

Yep, I leave my kids in the car, ever since they were born. I could think of nothing harder then filling up, removing my 2 kids, going in, dealing with them asking for something and then coming back, buckling them back in and driving off... I always lock the car and look out the window regularly to check on the car but have never been concerned or worried about them being left in... All the what if's about being stolen, crashed in to, burnt etc could all happen regardless of the kids being in the car, or walking to or from the service station's doors... I actually think its safer to leave them, avoid playing chicken with cars who dont stop, arent looking etc..

I also have left the kids in the car to pick up bread or milk from our local corner shop, again, for all the reasons mentioned above.

I dont feel bad for doing it I've even gone and checked my post box before with the kids in the car.

I'll probably get called a witch now, but all while I do these things, our gorgeous chocolate Labrador is also hanging in the car tongue

I dont disagree with everyone who wants to take their kids out when they do these quick things, I just do it my way smile Works great for me, I'm a full time working mum with a Prepie & a pre schooler who also is lucky enough to take the dog to work with me too... Time is limited so I do the things I do, I wouldnt do it if I thought it would be do the detrament of my children.

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

I have a 3 yo, and he stays in the car when I fill up and pay for fuel. I usually park at the spot right by the door anyways and lock the car, makes life easier if he stays in the car.
As for the shops, I couldnt go in there without him (as tempting as it is at times!)I just cant see the car/him and dont know how long I will take in there.

Yes, for getting petrol, quick stop to grab bread or other quick stops it would take me longer to get them all out of the car than the errand would take. If I lived in the city I'd probably make different choices, but I don't so I'm reasonably comfortable to leave them for those quick stops.
Yep I leave her in the car, but I do lock the car. We are in a country town, no lineup to pay and only a few steps to the door. I also leave her there when getting the mail, but otherwise she comes with me. When new bubs is here he/she will also stay in the car with dd - she's more than capable of staying with bubs and I feel its fine in our town. Would never do it in the city though.

Just thought everyone might like to check out the link below in regards to the legality of leaving your child in the car alone at any time. It is towards the bottom of the page titled "Leaving children in cars".

I don't leave my kids in the car. I try and fill up when I have DH with me or I fill up and then get my kids out of the car and take them in with me. But I am in no way telling you what you should or shouldn't do with your children. We all have to do what we feel is right for our families!

And what gives you the opinion that it is definitely not OK to leave your child in the car at the petrol station?

What gives YOU the opinion that it is???
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