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Do you leave you child/ren in the car? Lock Rss

But they must be of legal age (18 years old) to care for another child. This includes babysitters to!

14yrs in NZ

14yrs in NZ

I was a bit surprised that it was 18 years old here in OZ to babysit. I mean how many teenagers (high school age) have babysat their siblings or neighbours kids over the years...
So for those who re-enter their car on a petrol station forecourt, do you know how to NOT ignite a fire and how to get rid of your static electricity build-up? Its the re-entering vehicles that causes the fires at service stations.

I personally never leave DD in the car but I wish there was a friendly attendee that could come running out as we have filled up with a wireless eftpos machine and take my payment for me so it takes the stress off us mums and dads whether we leave them or take them either way it's stressful especially as there is always an impatient person behind that does not want to wait 2 mins while we put our little ones back in the car safely
We live in a country area, so in the major shopping town nearby, I either have someone else in the car with me, or I stop off at the privately owned petrol station on the way into town where its only literally a few steps from the car to the counter. I have left DS in the car a few times when I've had no choice to get petrol in town, I have left a window slightly open and taken keys out locked doors etc.

I don't. Never have never will.
But people will...

how scary!!!!!

I'm in NZ and i always leave my kids in the car while i go to pay for petrol or go to the dairy(have been going to the same dairy since i was a kid and park right outside the door) never anywhere else though smile but i have never seen anyone take their baby into the petrol station with them here!
I replied earlier that I never see parents taking their little ones in to pay for petrol. I live in NZ too. Does anyone in NZ take there kids in????
I never thought about it before until I read this .... But ill still always leave my girl in the car (with the door locked).
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