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interesting breastfeeding photo.. Lock Rss

that sure is strange
bahahahahaha that's hilarious!

I reckon! What kind of grass is that!! laugh
yep - thats how I feed... smile smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Oh so that's how you do it!
I had it completely wrong in my mind...

Hrmm... no wonder I had so much trouble with DS.
Must have been doing it wrong.
I'll have to remember that for when this bub decides to make their entrance, although I'm sure I'd pass out before the feed was over tongue
I do love this pic.....but how is her boob not drooping? The poor kid would have to lay on the grass if it were me. laugh

I reckon! What kind of grass is that!! laugh

lol thats what you ask when you look at this pic..the grass? grin

maybe she had some blockages on the underside and wanted to drain it better....? huh lol

or maybe she was doing naked yoga (for whatever reason) and bub saw and thought oh yummo! milk shake!
Maybe she wanted to mix things up a bit and provide a milk shake instead tongue

is it real?
Ba ha ha ha imagine if there was a neighbor looking over that fence and saw her who who staring straight back at them ba ha ha ha AKWARD!!!!
On a sad note wish I looked like that after having kids tongue
Mums are so good at multi-tasking... combining workout with breastfeeding lol!

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