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  5. What's everyone's plans today ladies?

What's everyone's plans today ladies? Rss

I'm at work sad
Washing/ folding. Then when DH gets home making my first "girl" purchase. Well purchase's
Well you can all be jealous of me today!! grin

I've had some vouchers to a beauty place waiting to be used that I got for my birthday, so this morning I've had a facial and a pedicure..... then I went to visit mum and she cooked me some nice soup for lunch, now I'm just waiting to pick dd up from school - and I'm going to drop her off at mums and go get a haircut.

I feel like a spoiled brat!! lol

I had a lovely morning having coffee and a catch up with a good friend while our kids played. They live about an hour away so both my kids slept in the car... sooo now neither of them want their nap and are hyperactive! EEEPPP! I guess the housework will wait!
in my late fils words as little as possible lol.The rest of the school term is going to be so busy so I actually need to get cracking and do some housekeeping....

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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