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plane friendly toys for 13 month old Lock Rss

Can I get some suggestions of toys/things to entertain my 13 month old on a flight please ? We are flying jetstar, so no frills.

I already have

little people car and person
Tolo animal
small stacking cups

I assume food will occupy him too, as will the food containers.

How long is your flight? Remember you'll have to carry everything so you won't want it too heavy/bulky.

Reading books, a slinky are all I can really think of at moment.

As a hint, don't let your child see any of the stuff until on plane!!!

Remember, you may end up with lots of stuff on the floor.
hehe I'd like to add a toy NOT to pack for the plane.. A tambourine.. I didn't even think twice about it, she grabbed it out and after a couple of seconds I quickly realised noooo, this one is going away! but of course after that the tabourine was the ONLY toy she was interested in and if there wasn't a tambourine playing it was a howling child howling for her instrument lol lucky it was a quick flight, the other passengers did not look pleased with me, rightly so!
It's only a two hour flight, so not long at all.

I have a five year old as well. Activities for him are easy. And i know bub will want to get into whatever his brother is doing. Hopefully a few new toys will distract him enough.

Yes definately little/light things.

I am going to wrap each thing, so he can't see them beforehand and the unwrapping will be part of the fun.

Definately no tambourine wink
How about a portable dvd player. I know 13 month olds don't watch much tv but you could get this out if all else fails. You could buy a kids dvd and hopefully he will be interested in it for awhile.
That's a great idea to wrap the toys/activities!!

Also, definitely a good idea to go quiet as PP. (No Tambourine)!! laugh
Stickers! you can get books of 1000 for $2 from reject shop. Anytime I travel I always pack ballons, small enough to put in your pocket, its a ball or just blow it up let it down and you can stick the stickers onto it, which can amuse for hours. I also buy a brand new special toy that I save until all hell is about to break loose.
DS5 will have DVD player as last resort surprise, so little one may watch Octonauts over his shoulder. bub has never watched a DVD before, so definately anovelty.

Stickers - I can imagine them ending up stuck all over bub smile
Will get some for both boys - thanks.
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