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i have a childcare capri hi-lo chair. i can't work out how to get the straps off, if they do come off. and they r really grotty and they wont get clean no matter what i do... any one have this chair and know how to get them off??? or know how to clean them on there... soapy water and scrubbing doesnt work.
I know this is a pain... so when the straps on DD's highchair get too grubby I actually just take the highchair outside and clean the whole chair. I think the highchair is the dirtiest thing in the house sad It's quote gross what gets stuck in the little hard to find places.
Agree with previous post. If they are stained with pumpkin and sweent potato was in warm soapy water and then leave in the sun and the sun will take the marks out the UV gets the orange stain out without too much trouble.

Good luck.

If only the high chair straps had a plastic protector for easier cleaning roll eyes
I use Sard Wonder Soap on my high chair straps and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to give them a fresh smell. I use a scrubbing brush and hose it outside lol

I have no idea what your high chair looks like but on mine I have to unscrew some bolts and things in the back and pull it all apart to get the straps off. There's a million little pieces that I had to make sure were put back in the right spot.

Then I just put them in the washing machine and they came out looking like brand new
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