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Anyone have a money tin? Rss

So I thought it might be a good idea to start saving our shrapnel (5s, 10s and 20s.) I bought a money tin about the same size as the smaller money note ones you can get at the reject store.

How much do you think we can save if we fill it? I was guessing about $100

What do you do with your loose change?
I think about a hundred too but it depends what your filling it with like coin wise...
We just chuck our change in the kids money boxes now we use to save it in a old formula tin and when full take it to the bank and cash it in and then spend it on a family day out or save it for a weekend away with kids smile
My mum has bank accounts for the kids so when there boxes are full ill hand all that lovely change over to her to deal with laugh
Its amazing how many coins you can fit into a money box... smile Happy saving.

Yes we have an old fire extinguisheher that is a money box it is rather large. We used to put all of our change in it before the kids but now finding that we need it for pocket money or school canteen. We would take it to the bank about once a year and get at least $200. Great way to don't really save as you miss it.

Happy saving.

I actually spend all of my loose change!

I have no problem with counting out coinage to pay for small, cheap items like a coffee, an ice-cream cone or DD's dancing lessons which are paid weekly. Because I do it regularly, I don't find that it all stacks up in my wallet and is a PITA to carry around - right now I think I only have about 50c in change in my wallet.

I'm probably like the only person who does this, but it stems from lessons taught to me as a child by my grandmother who was very good with money!
We have one of the bigger note tins and as we get out $ each week for groceries we put left overs in the tin come end of financial yr and end of callendar yr we open it up and cash it in depending on how much it is depends what we do with it mainly saving it! We don't have kids yet though...
Yes yes I have hundreds but I am what you call a hourda I wealthy one if I ever find them
Forgive me for my spelling for I am delirious
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