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what are you doing for easter???? Lock Rss

hey all..

what are you doing this long weekend? happy easter too

we are going to the inlaws tomoro for the day and to have a BBQ and on sunday we will give DS his eggs and easle and on sunday pr monday DH is going to go fishing with his dad

so not to much here have a good weekend
Church and Mummy and Ddady get eggs (I didn't get any last year)
Baby gets a fruit smoothie and croissants with ham a little bit of egg and cream cheese yummo we might have some too lol
We'll pribably head to the school on Monday and play on their 3 (!) play grounds with Daddy

We're going camping... coming back on Sunday then the kiddies will get their eggs smile
Yummy BBQ with family tongue
Sunday the kids will have there Easter hunt and then go to mum and dads for lunch which will be a BBQ then we will prob have a movie night with the kiddies grin
I'm so excited about the Easter hunt for the kids it's the twins first go at it and dd1's second I'm a tad worried about the fights!!
We're driving down to northern NSW to spend the weekend at my folks house. DD will be able to have an easter egg hunt with her cousins. It's so nice to have someone else do the cooking etc!!
Friday we're going fishing. Maybe visit DH dad on saturday, Sunday relax at home with the kids. On monday we're going to a market/festival thing near us.

ETA: Happy easter to you aswell T, hope you have a good weekend!

Happy Easter T!!

Tomorrow we have a BBQ with my family, Saturday taking grandma her eggs and having a visit at the nursing home, Sunday having a BBQ at the inlaws and Monday- finally nothing aaah smile

I'm excited, I bought dd's eggs and my nephews and neices eggs today but none for me so I'll have to run to the shops somewhere in there and get me some chocolate too lol

Spending it with my boys. They can eat chocolate & enjoy hot cross buns.
Going to cook Cory Bacon & eggs toast . For breakfast. Casey will have egg & toast

Take them both to park or picnic lunch if its nice day
Tomorrow dh, ds & I are off to my sisters place for a combined Easter/birthday lunch as I didn't get to spend our birthday together today grin

On Saturday we're heading out west to the Mulgowie markets and visit friends there smile

Then on Sunday we're having my belated b'day lunch at a Chinese restaurant tongue

Should be a great Easter weekend

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! I hope you all have a great weekend with family & loved ones laugh laugh

Happy Easter everyone!

We have no plans for tomorrow - probably just staying home cleaning!

Saturday my sister, her partner and their 2-year-old will come to stay until Sunday. Not really any plans for Saturday either but it will be nice to have the two kiddies to entertain each other!

Sunday, we have a massive breakfast of eggs, go to church, and have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Then spend the rest of the day eating chocolate smile

Monday no plans either!
hope you all enjoy the weekend grin happy easter
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