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how did you get hospital when in labour last time Lock Rss

# 1 ds. My ex husband drove me then ambos drove me 100kms emergency c section
# dd in heaven i drove myself
I was having contractions drove myself
sat at give way signs between contractions
Then ambos driven me 100kms emergency c section

Last Miscarrage driven by a friend Got lift home

How did u get to hospital whilst. Iast labour? ?????
MIL took us

DH will take us this time

why'd you take yourself jude?
DD1 - DH drove like a mad man as I sat in the passenger seat squeezing his leg with every contraction which was about 2-3 minutes apart.. roll eyes

DS1 & DD2 - Induced at 38+5 -DH managed a much slower & calmer drive in. lol

DD3 - Ambulance.
Didn't go into labour, was taken to hospital by ambulance from my Dr's & emergency C-section.
I can only go by my first. Hubby drove me in. It's about 10 minute drive.

Second baby i wasn't aloud to go into labour.

My DH drove... Why did u drive yourself??
first time my mum drove me

second time my partner drove me smile
With my first Dp was at work and I just knew something was going to happen plus all the niggly pains I was having so I went to my parents smile my waters broke on there couch and mum rang dps work he was out in the truck!!
Mum and dad took me up to the hospital mum giggling like a school girl with excitement dad freaking out about my waters leaking on his car seat laugh
Dps boss speed out to the farm he was at and brought him in to the hospital and it was a family affair my brother his gf and his ex (one of my BFF's still wub )

Second planned cs so Dp and I and my cousin went up

For the next bub either Dp my parents or sil will be there smile

Are you struggling to find some one to take you Jude??
I have never been driven to hospital while in labour!

With DD1 I was induced due to uncontrolled seizures but I was already 40+3 too.

With DS1 I had a caesar due to him being breech.

With DD2 I did not make it to hospital due to a stupid midwife telling me not to come in yet [url=][img]htt..., yeah, I had an unplanned VBAC home birth!!!

DS2 was also breech so I had another caesar!(Bloody boys!)

So you can't really count any of them. Unless you count my ambulance trip to hospital after DD2. I didn't deliver the placenta until I got to hospital. I was struggling to hold it until we got there!

Oh yeah! DF drove me to hospital the three other times.

Hubby both times. The first time it was all cool and calm dh had my mum and my midwife aunt there to reassure him and he obviously felt all was under control - my aunt told him after an hour of contractions that it was time to go. Being a first bub we all thought it would be a really long labour, however it wasn't. We got to hossie with plenty of time to spare but this time we all knew I'd have a short labour.

SO.... because dh knew it might be a short labour he had a panic. laugh I got up, told dh it was going to be today and then got in the shower for about 40 mins. When I got out dh had been pretty much throwing things in the car, dd was crying and he was snapping at her to get in the car. She looked at me and knew something was 'wrong' and got mightily upset even though I'd explained what would happen many times. So here I was being the calm one trying to reassure her and I had to tell dh to stop panicking! Lol

We had a fast ride into town to drop dd off at mums, then to hossie.... and our little man arrived 2 hours later. Silly dh.... I knew it was all fine but he was imagining a roadside baby. laugh

My DH casually drive me to the hospital for an antenatal appointment...

We ended up leaving 5 days later with a baby smile
I can only comment on my 1st labour, because we had DS2 at home, but DP drove us way I would have been able to drive myself as I was contracting the whole way there.

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