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SOME ONE HELP my daughter is so naughty Lock Rss

can u please help me
my daughter is nearly 4 she doesnt listen 2 me at all she says NO i tell her u need 2 listen 2 mummy and she still doesnt it will b like u need 2 pack up the toys now and its NO i say excuse me u need 2 put them toys away she still says no i said do u want a smack n she still says no but screams it at me she throws herself on the floor she hits me kicks me yells screams and throws stuff at me today is my ;last straw i dunno how much more i can handle i dont want ppl telling me thats what all toddlers are like cos i know most kids are naughty but this is beyond naughter i took all her toys outta her room so she head buts the floor and screams i said to her when u listen 2 mummy u can have them back she continues to scream the house down the neighbours must think theres a war going on i nour household. now what im after is someone 2 give me a website or some lists of foods that dont have any additives and sugars i believe some of the food she eats is what causes her to b so naughty mind u shes always hypo she never stops doesnt nap goes 2 bed about 8.830 and is awake at 6.30 she just doesnt stop i think the reason to her behavour is to do with the foods shes having my mum minds her whilei work n give her stuff i wouldnt give her like donuts choc fizzy drink. at time as a treat she will have a lollie pop or choc or a few mouthfuls of my fizzy drink but i wanna stop everything an get my good girl bak ive been in tear all afternoon as shes getting worst and worst everytime some one please help me send me info on what foods are good and bad
A great website is the "fed up" one. There's a book by Sue Dengate of the same name, it was my bible there for awhile. I still loosely follow an additive/colour free diet. Good luck getting your mum on board, I had huge trouble with my folks (who also mind my children).
As far as defiant behavior, we are having a bit of a resurgence here too. However my husband and I only separated 3 & 1/2 months ago. And he has said to me, "I'll feed em what I want, and buy em what I want", etc... Probably just to hurt me. Is causing a bit of trouble. Hopefully it will settle here.
Wish you luck.
It sounds like attention seeking behavior. How much time each day do you get to spend one on one with her? No distractions, no tv on etc. Perhaps setting some time aside each day that she knows she can count on without interruption. I have found in the past, when my kids are getting a bit much some time alone to do something together does wonderful things for their behavior smile
As for foods, try to stick to real food as much as possible (avoid packets) - fruit, veggies, meat, grains. Best of luck smile
Oh thank u so much I'll def check out that website might ben buy the book tomorrow just at wits ends!

Yeah we have one on one time without tv we have playdoh station and painting table and drawing we also play outside on swing and play games I try my best to spend time with her I believe the reason sea naughty then normal is food additives and stuff hope this website helps me thanks ao
Much for ur advice smile
Sounds like you are having some trying times in your house. I really feel for you, parenting is definitely the toughest job in the world, but can also be the most rewarding!

I don't know where you live, but there are definitely agencies and services out there for some advice. Are you with Plunket or some other well child service? If so, you could ring them and ask for your daughter to have her B4 School Check(free 4 year old health check), from this they will look at your daughter's health, developement, learning and behaviour and if any concerns are identified by yourself or the nurse they can give you advice and or refer you to an agency/service that can help.

There is also a programme called "The Incredible Years" which is an awesome (NZ)course that teaches parents strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour and about just how to parent in a happy healthy way. You can visit

Another great NZ resource for parents is the SKIP resources - you can access this on

Good luck with sorting your mum out with the food she is feeding your daughter, but you are so right in making changes to all that unhealthy food she is being feed - moderation is the key.
Best wishes - you sound like a neat mum, looking for the very best for your daughter.
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