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what size winter 1 piece suit does your 16month old wear Lock Rss

Casey size 1s little small
brought size 2 today from big w $5 ( thin ones for under sleeping bag )grip on feet. not sure they will fit.
Only Want them for bedtime only under sleeveless sleeping. Bag.

What size does your 16 month old wear? ???
I don't use the all in one's with feet for Lil anymore, once she was over 12mo i found either the legs weren't long enough or if it fits in the legs the feet don't fit. I just use the legless, longsleeve all in ones (so it keeps her back covered) then pj pants/trackies and socks.

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isaiah has been wearing the same size for a long time now so at that age it would of beeen a 1 (bonds) cause thats what he wears now i want to get longsleeve legless bodysuits too like my_girl_lily but can never find them and when i do there like $18 so not gonna happpen at that price
Ds is almost 17 months, he still wears size 0 & some 1's, depends on the clothes.

The one pieces are either not long enough in the leg or the feet are too small so I'm not going to be buying any for this winter. I'll just use long pants, pj pants or trackies and socks smile

My 14mth old DD has just gone into sz 2 all in one bonds. Damn she must be tall!

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