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My iPhone that was lost Lock Rss

Gotta love honest thieves! Just make sure you are not or have not been charged for any calls, SMS< or MMS since you lost it. If prepaid, they've probably used any credit you had left & will 'find' another phone. THat is, if they are dishonest to start with, one can never tell.

Just elated you can get your videos, photos etc back! Download & save to a harddrive or stick elsewhere now hun.

<3 xx
Yay, that you got your phone back especially for the photos. My DS2 threw my iphone down the toilet last year and I lost so many great pics.
Yay, that you got your phone back especially for the photos. My DS2 threw my iphone down the toilet last year and I lost so many great pics.
Oh well the bright side is u have it now! gotta be happy!

So glad you've got your phone back! smile
How it ended up where it did, I guess you will never know...

Great that you got your phone back - I would definitely cry to lose my Iphone! My DH works for an insurance co & was saying to me though it would probably be a good idea to let your insurance company know it has been recovered. Apparently people can be done for fraud for not advising it has been recovered and the phone is considered their property now because they have replaced it. Would never have realised that myself! Anyway just thought I would pass that on smile

Yayy so happy your phone is coming home !! laugh It is incredible that it has turned up after being missing this long and only down the road.

Hmm strange they asked if you want it back...uh duh... YES! I could have imagined you too Skip yelling 'OF COURSE I WANT IT BACK!!!

I hope that all your info, pics etc is still on it, that whoevers had the phone this long hasn't deleted stuff smile

Yay for your phone coming home and creepy in a way they may have seen your booty laugh
My sil was telling me her friend left her brand new one day old iPhone on the top of car drive all the way out to the lil town over and realized oh crap my phone was on the roof!!! She backed tracked the road in her car and found it on the highway intact not a scratch on it!!!!!
I loves my iPhone it's attached to me I would fall to pieces with out it it's my life line in a way lol
I think the pp has a good point too I lost a expensive phone in high school and mum and dads insurance covered it and they said if it was found before or after I got my new one to report it to them??
Wow Skip that's pretty incredible that you are getting it back after so long. I would be so lost without my I-phone lol. I'm regularly backing mine up because I take sooo many pics of the kids on it as we have a big digital SLR camera that I can't really cart everywhere!
Hope everything is still on there... all those precious photos, including your butt laugh

I'm really glad you got ur phone back and u can get all your phodies smile Sorry it's badly damaged tho sad
I glad you got your phone back.

But how stupid are they thinking you let them have your phone. Wonder how long they had it for.

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