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hey =)

Im getting my daughters name tattooed on me along with a swallow to represent her in a few weeks time, and i was just wondering how many mummies and daddies also have tattoo's representing their little ones and what they are/what they mean?

I don't have any tattoos and I'm too much of a woose to ever get one! But I'm still interested in this thread, will be nice to see the replies.
i love swallow tattoo's.. it represents always returning home (old sailors stories) so i thought it would be perfect for my little girl. im getting mine done on my inner bicep.
p.s love the seahorse idea! my DP has a claddagh tattoo with DD's name in it (he's irish)

yeah i love it!! don't think DP would want seahorse next to his deer and tribal boar though lol

haha im sure the seahorse would fit in well lol =P
My DD tattooed me in stretch marks so I've only got to put on a pair of togs and everyone knows I've got her lol

Hope yours turns out well though

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I have a big butterfly on my back, however the middle/body part is a big rose and the wings are full of flower petals (so a rose with wings I guess, hard to explain. It was all hand drawn and designed for me) inside 2 of the petals, one in each wing, I have my childrens names along with the year they were born in a pretty font. I will add the new babies name and year of birth to an empty petal after he is born too.

Ive got DD1's name tattooed on my wrist, ill be getting DD2's name soon
Hoping to get another tattoo - lyrics from a song we had at our wedding and our wedding date. Just not sure where i want to put it.
im currently thinking of what i want too, ill prob just get my kids first names all on my left wrist in a nice but simple font DH got a 'mash up' of the 'aum' symbol the letter K and the letter J it looks awesome! hes got that on his right wrist, it represents us as a family as well as our ideals and beliefs.
haha.. my DD tattooed me in stretch marks too! lol but i wanted something a LITTLE prettier to represent her lol.

haha.. my DD tattooed me in stretch marks too! lol but i wanted something a LITTLE prettier to represent her lol.

shoot me now but imo the stretch marks make a "prettier" tattoo

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My DP has our DD's name on his right forearm in a really nice font coloured like the aboriginal flag and is trying to decide what to add to make the sleeve. He has DS1's name with a coy fish on his left forearm and DS2's name with pionies(?spelling?) on his left bicep. I have DD's name with butterflies on my right forearm and am wracking my brain trying to decide what to get for the boys.
I also have a tatto for my mum on the inside of my right ankle, it says mum and has angel wings and a halo. on my lower back I have a big swirly-ish tattoo that has a flower in the middle flower for mum and 3 butterflies around it for my 3 sisters. DP used to tag when he was younger and stupid, grown out of all that now lol and I have his tag on the back of my neck.
My DH has both kids names and DOB on his upper arm and is now thinking about adding a border or something.

Like PP my stretch marks are enough for me! (for now anyway smile)
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