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baby tattoos =) Lock Rss

I have DH's star sign and initials on my right hip. Was so very lucky they didn't have to cut it for my c-section with DS. I'd like to do the same sort of tattoo for DS but think it's best to wait until we've had all our kids in case I have to have another c-section.

DH has DS's name on the inside of his bicep.

I'm too scared to have one but I like helping DH choose what he has done! He had his family coat of arms with DD's first and second name in a scroll on the side of his lower leg.
I have one for DS, but i keep changing my mind on what to do for DD

for DS i have his name & 2 chinese symbols - 1 meaning 'pure' & the other meaning 'love'. it is on the upside of my foot
for DD i keep changing over whether to get more chinese symbols - but what? - or getting a princess fairy? ergh dunno. - it will be on my other foot.

I also have a few others in the pipeline - one of which will be a queen bee - cause i am the queen bee in my househhold... LOL

I love being tattoo'd - all mine have a meaning - not just random pictures.
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