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How many of you have a car during the day? Lock Rss

I've mentioned on here (I do go on... tongue) that I've been sick a lot of the time since my DS was born 6 weeks ago. I'm feeling so much better the last week or so, I can walk around without needing to sit down after a few minutes, I can carry my son even when he's squirming, I'm only taking over-the-counter painkillers, basically I finally feel human again grin. Now I've got energy again, I'm starting to think about getting out and being a bit more normal, rather than staying inside and gradually going insane-r.

So... I don't really drive. Partly that's my own issue, as I had a car accident years ago and haven't ever really got back into driving regularly, and partly it's because DH and I have one car between us. It's not practical for me to drive him to work and pick him up (it would double out petrol costs and he works late, finishes between 8.30-11pm), so even if I was back into driving I wouldn't have a car very often.

I never felt the lack of a car before, but I think I'm going to feel a bit isolated if I don't figure a few things out. I can't just ask a friend/family for a lift like I used to, because I need a car seat for DS.

First thing I should do is figure out the public transport around here. I've been lazy about that because the nearest bus stop is a good walk away and the route we're on doesn't go anywhere very useful. I think I'd have to take the bus to the city and then take another bus to get to a place that's only a 15 minute drive away directly, but if the other option is staying home all the time, it's definitely worth it. Got any tips on taking a baby on the bus?

My week is stretching ahead of me and it's pretty much empty until DH's next day off.

An-y-way... just wondering how many of you have a car you can use during the day or when your partner is at work? How do you work things? How do you find bus trips with a little baby?
I have a car. DH takes it to work with him <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
The other 6 cars in the driveway are projects/spares/someone elses, and are all manual so I couldn't drive them even if they were all perfect anyway lol.
My car is the comfy one, so DH gets all beggy and wants it for its heaters and comfy seats and such laugh There's nowhere to go here anyway. We stay at home all the time. When DH has some time off he'll take us for a drive to get us out of the house.
We both have cars, but when DD1 was born we dropped to one car between us to save some money and to be honest, i had no real issues catching the bus with a pram and baby. Maybe give it a trial run when your partner is with you and see how you go! I lasted about a year with no car before i had had enough and needed my own transport again!
DH and I both have our own cars. I've caught a bus once when my DD was a baby and it wasn't too bad!

maybe you could look into a baby carrier like an ergo? that way you aren't mucking around with a pram smile

Me and DH both have a car each. I dont always use it for every outing as the parks just down the rd and the beach. But I think I would go crazy without a car. DD is 21 months now and gets serious cabin fever if we dont head out.
I would definitly suggest having a practice bus run one day when your mans home or a friend smile Sometimes a nice walk with the pram is enough to make you feel human again. And becuase your little man is still so dinky he can sleep the time away!
I have a car, I would be lost without it, i use it all the time and i work part time but we are shifting soon so am going to try and walk more and catch some buses etc
We've normally only got one car (two at the moment as DH's colleague is overseas and has lent us his for 3 months) and I drop DH at work 2 days a week but am car-less the other 3 days. I just found things to do in the neighbourhood like playcentre, playgroup, music, playdates with friends nearby, the local park, walks in the buggy or friends visit me, or we just do stuff around home. I've never been on the bus. I think I would find it pretty hard not having a car at all but a girl in our antenatal group doesn't drive so one of the others would pick her up or we go out to her place or to her neighborhood.

Oh I forgot to mention, there's no public transport here. I live in the bush lol. No nothin' laugh
i dont drive but i dont go out when DH isn't home anyway so dont have to worry about it DH doesn't go to work til 2 so we have basically the whole day anyway
Dh has his farm ute and I drive our "going out car". Of course if Dh has a meeting, docotors appointment or something he needs to get dressed up for he takes the car.

We used to have the farm ute and a car each. Dh had his car before we met so thats why we had two, once Dd was born we only had one car seat so the other car hardly got used, so we sold them both for a larger car. We are in the process of trading our ute in for a dual cab that way I am able to take DD in the ute if dh has the car.

Glad to hear you are feeling heaps better!! smile

We have a car each and a seat for DD in both.
My DH has the ute and I have the car. Both have carseats in them. I couldn't really do without a car being 45kms from town, if there were any emergencies etc, I'd be a bit stuck....
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