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just getting this out here before I explode!!! Lock Rss


Just tell them they can't stay at your place next time.

Your husband knows the fragility of your mental state, why would he agree to this?

At least it's almost over.... Yay.
OMG, how disrespectful and rude. how come your hubby doesn't say anything to them? or doesn't he think they are doing anything wrong?

well, think of it this way. if they ever ask to stay again you have a perfectly good reason to say no effing way.

thank goodness they are leaving tomorrow and you can have your house back.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Grr How incredibly frustrating!

I have no words other than I hope you, and they, survive until tomorrow. Must be pretty tense in your house at the moment.

And hopefully tomorrow you get routine & your sanity back wink
Chalys you have absolutely every right to be majorly p*ssed off. How dare they treat your home disrespectfully and not even do the friggen dishes. I'm glad they are going home tomorrow and then you'll be able to enjoy your family in peace.
I'd be telling your dh to let them know they need to pay for the damage their dog has done to your house and if they don't pay then the dog isn't welcome at your home.
Breathe hun and think to yourself Only one more day.

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omg how much longer are they staying for? 1 more day? Ok u can do this!
gosh i feel your pain babe, i really do. that is just not on sad
So sorry that you are having to put up with that sort of behaviour from your inlaws and the dog. You need to put your foot down it's your house. I'm lucky my inlaws don't come and stay as they are aware that it's our house and we do things our way. I know probably not much help. I am sending you strength for the next day or so till they are gone.

Good luck.

Holy crap..sorry you have to go through this gasp Sounds like the inlaws and the dog are as bad as each other!
Wow. WOW. They sound very selfish and uncaring. I hope they go home soon and I think you should say something to them. There is NOTHING worse than people imposing themselves on you when you have a newborn and a young family to care for! It's the most self-centred thing people can do. You need to tell them why you're upset or they're just going to paint a 'biatch' target on your back. If you can't, get hubby to say something because they need to know that what they're doing is unacceptable!!

Huge hugs! I hope they do leave!!
roll eyes Ahhh inlaws, can't live with them, can't shoot them because that would piss the DH off!! laugh laugh

Why do they have to be sooooo annoying? Mine really sh!t me too but I am lucky that they don't stay overnight.

I would hold my breath until they leave- thank god its tomorrow- and then have a very direct civil discussion with my DH about what is acceptable and what is not.
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They are worse than my inlaws and that's saying something.

I be sending them the bill to have everything repaired.

If you can't put up with this tell you DH that if doesn't do something they going to cop it. I told hubby that one day and he now knows the look i get when i'm annoyed.

I feel your pain & i don't know how you haven't let fly yet.

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