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aww how lovely very nice and how cool that you have your belly pierced
What a beautiful belly!
I want one laugh
You would think after having my second just 13
Weeks ago I wouldn't be having these sort of thoughts yet!

Congrats though, you look amazing smile
*swoon* gorgeous!!!

Yeah i got it done when i was 18 i think. Went through HELL in the beginning with it with infections. Most painful piercing i ever got and ive had eyebrow and tongue done in the old days but the belly hurt WAY worse.

sucks that you had trouble with it but cool as that you managed to keep it in through your pregnancies

i got mine done when i was 12 and then i had to take it out when i was around 20 weeks with isaiah and then left it out

How come you had to take it out? What happened? Get too tight or something? Mine doesn't change my whole pregnancies so haven't had to take mine out.

yeah i think it was getting a bit tight it was a long time ago now cant really remember lol and how cool do you just wear the regular bar the whole time or do you get a pregnancy bar?
Nawww... I'm clucky and I'm pregnant!

Was gonna ask about your belly bar but won't bother now! Haha. I tried a pregnancy bar with dd but just found it annoying!

I can't wait till I look more pregnant rather than just super bloated!
You are making me clucky.
beautiful belly

I didnt even know there was belly rings for pregnant women LOL

Few more weeks and you will be gorgeous and round wink

Yeah just really long bendy ones made from bioplast. I just took mine out & put them back in a few week after I had DD.

I know, Its going so quick I can't believe it!! Still havn't told anyone yet so should probably get onto that before I get too big haha

I want one laugh

I want one too!! sad laugh

Cute bubble you have there skip cool

I want one too!! sad laugh

Maybe after we both get our new vacuums? laugh

Are you planning on anymore kiddies?
Well, baby pictures make me cluckier, but you do have a cute preggy belly skippy!

Thanks Jas.
Now let us all bow our heads and pray, let this baby be no heavier than 8 pound, i don't think i can do it, i don't WANT to do any heavier.
laugh laugh laugh

Hahaha! Your baby WILL be less than 8 can crucify me if im wrong! tongue

Maybe after we both get our new vacuums? laugh

Are you planning on anymore kiddies?

laugh laugh Yep..vacuum cleaner MUST come first! wink
Just one more, but df wants one in a couple years time when we buy a bigger house sad *sighs*
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