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The Wiggles news - what do you think? Lock Rss

So they've announced that 3 of the 4 Wiggles are stepping down and just going to do work behind the scenes. The only original Wiggle staying out front is Anthony. They are spending the rest of the year doing "farewell tours" (another money making scheme in my eyes!!) Personally, they haven't been the same for me since they shafted Sam, wonder how he's taken the news! I decided then not to give them any more of my hard earned money.

What are your thoughts?
I think they've all had a big falling out over Sam and this is the result. smile

our son was wiggles mad and so we were very pro sam! all our merchandise and dvds are pretty much sam and we as parents much preffered sam in the group so when greg was announced as coming back and the whole way it was handled we really got put off the wiggles.

i think jeff and murray are lovely guys but i think anthony has lost his way and is all about the work and money. he and his family are the producers actors and presenters of numerous shows and the way the whole sam being fired thing came across in the media and with interviews and things it seemed to be very much anthony's doing.
i would not be suprised if this is a falling out as a result of all of that... just seems very odd that they would make such a big brand change and be so excited to "get all the original guys back" only to call it quits a matter of months later.

i mean when it was discussed about sam leaving if murray and jeff were thinking of retiring at that stage they would of said so and all this excitement and hype about getting the original guys back together wouldnt of been spoken about.
I think it is so wrong they dumped Sam only to bring Greg back and then Greg retires? What gives? Sam was a breath of fresh air. I'm glad most of them are going, they are past it anyway.

I said at the time I would vote with my pocket and in this house we only buy wiggles merchandise with Sam in it.
personally i think Anthony is a bit of a "control freak" smile

- and the demise of the Wiggles will be due to his inability to "let go" of the empire he has created!

a bit like an evil character trying to get world domination IYKWIM laugh

- he will sacrifice all others before himself - ie. first Sam, now the rest of the Wiggles - but he will stay on - give me a break! smells fishy to me! (wonder you controls the purse strings!)

PS just saw some of the Wiggles on the today show this morning - funyy how Anthony was doing nearly all the talking!
I think its all turned to crap since Greg came back wink they will remain involved with the Wiggles - its too profitable to walk away entirely.

BUT I also think there will be a heap of kids being born now and in the future that will love the new wiggles, and it wont make the slightest bit of difference that its not the original wiggles anymore. They wont know any different.
The new ones WILL be the Wiggles for the next lot of kids coming through. And their empire will continue to grow, because they have the winning formula to suck kids in and get them hooked.

I still have videos (Yes, Vids, not DVD's) from when Anthony was the Green wiggle! LOL
When Sam first came onto the scene I was like "hmm okaaay", but now that im use to him perfoming..I prefer him than Greg laugh

As for the new group of Wiggles including a female wiggle, it just wont be the same anymore.
But I agree with Ricki, the new generation of kids wont know any different smile
I just had a thought ....... hope the new female yellow wiggle has a good sports bra ...... and I wonder if it's yellow ??????? lol

I just had a thought ....... hope the new female yellow wiggle has a good sports bra ...... and I wonder if it's yellow ??????? lol

maybe they will go back to being the cockroaches lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

And changing characters in Hi-5 REALLY ruined them for me and anyone i know so good luck to the Wiggles.

yep, me too.

I think something has happened behind the scenes, and they would have been far better off just to call it a day altogether.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I am not sure what Jennifer's reaction is going to be, and am not looking forward to it. This means at least one of the character's names will have to change because one of them is a girl. I think it is rather bad timing after one having just come back and one been dismissed.
We have been a big wiggles fan family for about 6 year now from when our daughter was born. We have been to about 20 concerts over the years. The concerts have changed. Hubby and I think they were better when we started to go all those years ago. In the last couple of year Anthony has taken over and changed the feel of the shows with all the acrobatic parts. Our daughter loved Ben the dancer we even have photo's of her with him he was great. They are just not what they used to be. I agree that Anthony has become the control freak and I think he thinks that all the credit is due to him. I don't see it that way I think that Murray and Jeff are better with the crowd at concerts they always stop and see the kids that have disabilities where the other don't. At the last concert we went to in Sydney at Castle Hill we always take roses for Dorothy and Murray made apoint of coming and getting ours as he saw that Sam and Anthony both just walked straight past. We eve got photos.

I also thing that there must have been a falling out with Sam to give him the boot and then make this decision. All a bit sus if you ask me.

We will miss the original wiggles only time will tell what will happen when it all changes over. I know in our household the kids will decide if they are still a hit or not.

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