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what did you have for Lock Rss

hey i was wondering what did you and you kidies have for lunch today?
I had a bowl of yoghurt with a glass of water plus a biscuit and little master had yoghurt & cheese and water. He been eatting all morning and that all he ask for. And little man had a yoghurt, he likes to have banana but woolies ones where green. So i go tomorrow & see if they have some ripe ones.

We were super naughty today. Didn't have much on so went for lovely bike ride around the lake and up to the park. Then on the way home we stopped at Macca's. Feeling rather guilty right now so when DD wakes up we will go for a walk up to the supermarket to meet my mum when her shift finishes.
We were out so we ate sushi smile
We had eggs on toast. smile
We had leftover meat balls and chicken nuggets. Not very healthy but got rid of the leftovers.

we had take away too because i seriously CBF today
i had half a chicken wrap... milla had her usual peanut butter sandwich I'm sure and her snack. she's at daycare sad
DS had a jam sandwich and water and I had half a box of cadburys roses chocolates, lol
I had a chicken and salad sandwich and DS had a banana and yoghurt, oh, but I had to share my sandwich with DS as well...

hey i was wondering what did you and you kidies have for lunch today?

What did you have??

What did you have??

i had a can of soup and DS had some of my soup and a plate of pasta with parmasan cheese and a whole big tub of youghurt like 500g and 2-3 vegimite sandwichs some pita bread with tzatziki and some watermelon and apple an some banana lol he hasn't stopped eating all afternoon laugh

sounds like you all had yummy lunches
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