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Where to shop on-line for cheap maternity clothes? Lock Rss

Hey smile

I live a smaller city and we only have two shops that stock maternity clothes... and a very small selection at that!

So my only real option is to buy on-line. I would prefer not through ebay (bad expereince!!). Can anyone recommend a good on-line store, that isn't exepensive?

thanks smile

I wish i could!
I have had a lot of trouble finding clotehs this time around and have been searching high and low! Although there are a lot of options online i dont believe that paying $60 for a t-shirt that i can only wear the next three months is acceptable!!
Good luck finding one as i know how hard it can be!

It's hard isn't it? I bought a lot of stuff on eBay, but mostly second hand. My bff just bought a load of stuff from and the stuff she got was gorgeous. She got a Ripe shirt and another brand of pants for work, a dress and a couple of ripe tops for just under $200, which seemed pretty good compared to the original prices on the tags. We took the trip to big w in bendigo, but they had nothing sad
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