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Autism - DD2 Lock Rss

On Wednesday, DD2 (5 years old) was diagnosed with Autism after almost 2 years of seeing various specialists and doctors..
DP and I didn't think anything was wrong until about 11 months of age.
She attended child care on and off from 13 months and things were noticed and mentioned to us their -lack of social interaction, own little world, can't sit still, obsession with particular objects...
She barely talks - maybe 10 words at the most, the rest is just grunts & mumbles. She is easily frustrated, doesn't like large groups or loud noise, hates people touching her face or feet, unable to sit for long periods of time (lucky if we get 5-10 minutes) and poor eye contact..

I cried when we were told.. I feel like I have failed as her mum, that this is my fault. sad
I look at my little girl and see nothing wrong, she is beautiful, perfect even.. But as much as I tell myself there is nothing wrong, clearly there is and ignoring or denying it isn't going to help.

I've been google searching Autism and trying to work out what I can do to help her..
I'm after some personal stories/journeys from other parents with Autistic children.
What have you found that works and doesn't work??


Hi, I don't have a child with autism, but I donate to an organisation called Northcote Disability services (based in Parramatta NSW) and one of the areas they deal/help in is autism. It may be worthwhile getting in contact with them for information.
My cousin also works at a speech pathologist and alot of her clients are autistic children, so that may be something else to look into.
Lastly, I work in education, I had a student with very mild autism. He was a beautiful little boy, however he need things to always be contsant and a very strong routine in place. I use to have cards made up with clipart that had the routine for the day on them, so he always knew what to expect.
I just want to say, this IS NOT your fault, You have not failed her.
YES, your DD is PERFECT, she is beautiful, she is smart.

This diagnosis is the start - its the start of the rest of her life - its the start of programs and therapies that are going to help her grow, learn and absolutely SHINE!

It is very natural and normal to cry when a diagnosis is given, its a lot to take in, and it can be truly scary. There is so much information that you will be given in such a short amount of time, its overwhelming and hard.
But this is the turning point in your DD's life. This is where the behavioural therapy, and speech therapy and other programs can start, and programs can be set up to help her learn social behaviour, help her learn speech,
There is SO much help out there. Walk tall knowing that your beautiful daughter can now have programs specifically tailored to her, and help bring out her best.

A great place to start, is the Raising Children Network Website, they have an amazing section for children with Autism - there is also a very wonderful warm and friendly Forum for Autism families there are well. The RCN will give you information, tips, help you look for services. The forum is amazing - you will find so many families with a story similar to yours, you can ask anything, and its like a big family. Please join their forum - there are so many people there going through exactly the same thing.

You are not alone in this.

If you are in Australia, You should be eligible for the Helping Children with Autism Package - its basically funding of up to $12000 over a couple of years to help pay for different therapies and specialists. It can be a huge financial help in accessing specialists and therapies, but is only eligible for a specific time and age groups. Please look into it fairly soon smile

I'm going to try to add some website links, if I can figure it out.
You may need to copy and paste lol

Raising Children Network - Children with Autism

Helping Children with Autism Package

I should add, I am mum to 5 kids, with another on the way. Our 2nd child is Autistic, and I wouldn't change a thing about him - yes its more work, its frustrating, its hard, but its rewarding, and an amazing journey to be a part of.

Good luck on your journey,
Thankyou both for replying.
Rickie~ tribe~of~5... Thankyou... I'm beginning to slowly get my head around it all but am also happy that we finally have a diagnosis, and it's not that she is simply a 'bad child' as some people like to think..

Raising children network is not one I have come across and once the children all in bed I will have to have a very good look..
I've been reading so much, and alot of it sounds just like DD!
We are in Aus and a friend of mine mentioned the package to me some months back as her 6.5 year old DD has Autism.. -Will look at it for sure. smile
Tomorrow, with the help of a friend, I hope to begin the task of getting therapy organised for DD.
My friend has drilled into me the importance of starting as soon as we can. -It has been suggested I look into speech therapy and occupational therapy for DD. Plus from reading stories from other mums with Autistic children, Id like to look into what we can do for Dd at home as I know there can be a wait for getting into therapy..

WOW 5 and one on the way -congrats! Your a brave lady.. -I think I'd like a few more.. But well see.
How old is your son?
Thanks again. xx

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