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Skippy And The Greek wrote:
I'm under the impression a cot bumper is like a long cushion that runs the length and width on the inside of the cot yeah? Should I get/use one?

You would be correct smile I bought one for DD but found it was too hot to use. Also, I had lots of people telling me it was a hazard? Anyway, I don't see why you cannot use one on a toddler bed, that would look very cute. Mine has a larger head piece and then 3 smaller sides which all just tie onto the cot. I bought it from Toyworld but I also got a custom made one from a lady off eBay.

I had one for awhile because DS kept whacking his head on the bars of his cot, but he started undoing the ties,
When I nanny-ed before I had DS the used a rolled up towel to keep there DD from hitting the wall, so I think its a good idea =)

we got ours from target for $40. it wasnt padded, more a meshy type material with holes in it to prevent suffocation if they roll up against it but still prevented them from bonking their heads on the wood. we used ours for both ds and dd.

*Supermummy* i accidently reported you sorry. i hit the report thinking it was reply.
Baby Bunting & Toyworld in the Gepps Cross home maker center have the same ones, same price. I wanted a full length one to go right round the cot & have only found it their so far.

They have a couple of different patterns. Think there's a baby bunting in mile end as well.

I haven't looked at YCN yet :/

Skippy And The Greek wrote:
Nai&Beau wrote:

I can;t get to the city for a full month so that sucks the nibbly bits. I imagine the choices there are MUCH better.

you can order them on the site & get them delivered. Another option is Baby Junction smile Country sucks for shopping (if that's where you are)- it's why we moved back to Adelaide!

I was told by someone not to use a bumper but to use air wrap. I got one and love it. It put's my mind at ease when little man lays close to it.

I started off with the mesh air wraps whilst they were lil bubs for the SIDS factor but they don't really help with head bangers lol. Your child sounds old enough for a proper padded cot bumper. I found it really hard too find a nice half decent one, soo depending how handy you are with the old sewing machine.. They are pretty do-able easy things too make. I bought a long roll of foam padding cut too size, used a Thomas sheet for the cover and made little ties from the left over sheet fabric.. Was very easy and I'm hopeless with crafty sewing things!!
Skippy And The Greek wrote:
my_little_blessings wrote:
I was told by someone not to use a bumper but to use air wrap. I got one and love it. It put's my mind at ease when little man lays close to it.

I was sort of hoping my little girl was old enough for cushony bumper as the mesh isn't going to do what i want it to do. I dont want my bub laying on cold hard wood.

I totally understand. It just the way the boys move around i was worried about them lying up against the thick bumpers. I swear they do laps of their cot/bed.

The meshy air wraps are more for stopping babies from hanging arms and legs out of the cot-they are breathable so 'safe'.

Bumpers are thicker like you are after. You can get 3-sided bumpers which is what your after or just a headboard which wouldn't work.

Am assuming your in Australia.

Try target and big w's online stores. Also try

We used DD1's in both cot and toddler bed to stop her bumping and also to keep the dummy in bed once she was older

Good luck and glad bub is adjusting well.
How'd your bumper hunt go? Hope bubs still enjoying her new space grin
Don't think postage would be much. They arnt heavy. Try eBay as well you might bag a bargain and heaps to choose from.
Our baby kept bumping his head on the hard cot bars and we brought these fantastic Pure Safety Vertical Cot Liners. They zip onto each cot rail, so there are no dangerous ties etc
Hope that helps
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