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Teaching TIme and Watches Lock Rss

My DD1 is almost 4 and has asked for a watch for her birthday. We are contemplating it, but don't know what type of watch to get.

She knows the hours, and half past as well as 1/4 past (1/4 to seems to not make sense to her!!) so does anyone have any time telling games/books they can recommend?

Also, did anyone buy a watch for their child at this age or near that age - did you by a specific brand of watch to help them learn the time?
Hi! I'm planning on buying my children a watch from this website:

The numbers are colour-coordinated with the hands to make it easier for them to understand how to tell the time - in theory, anyway! I can't remember the specific brand, but there is a huge range to choose from, and I really like the look of them!

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you can get the learn to tell the time watches at most jewellers. We bought one for DS & it was a great help in that first year of learning to tell the time, but i think he was about 5 or 6. I dont really know of any specific books off hand, but i do remember seeing some clock style books in book shops as well.
DD, who is 5 shows no interest in telling the time - in fact i really dont think that she could care less what time it is, as long as it isnt bed time... haha
Wow, that is pretty good going for a 4 year old, to know 1/4 past. Most littlies who I've taught in kinder have no idea about the time and even in Kinder they only need to know the hour & 1/2 hour, so she's doing really well.
I saw a really neat book about telling time the other day. I can't remember the name, but next time I go into town I'll have a look for you smile

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