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Phone Etiquette Rss

People do that? Yup i would find it rude,
People actually do that??!! Lol yep that would peeve me off, how rude! Can't say I've ever experienced that, everyone I talk to says bye/see ya/over and out (my dad lol) etc
I have never had anyone finish up a call without a bye, cya, ciao, adios.. Unless we have had, let's just say some sort of disagreement wink so god yeah I think it's rude and also kind of weird!! Come on how hard is it too say Bye?!
Yes it's rude! Well I find it rude
Oh i hate that.

A lady rang my house the other day to do with our business and i went to say thank you and bye and the phone went dead. Told hubby about it & he said yeah she does that alot.

It's happened to me too. Usually it's when I've made an appointment. DD2's paediatrician has the worst receptionist. She answers the phone after 20 rings, like it's such an effort. Her attitude is not very nice and then just hangs up in your ear without saying bye. Her paediatrician is fantastic and has helped dd2 when she had reflux but I dread making appointments because of this woman. She obviously hasn't learnt phone ettiquette.

Oh yes! That is so rude! How hard is it to say good bye??

Although I have been soooo tempted to do that on the phone to my MIL who takes half an hour to say goodbye! "okay... okay... um, well... thanks for the call... okay... hmmm... oh yes!" and then she goes off on a tangent about something completely different and we have to do the whole "okay, okay" thing all over again 5 minutes later!

I thought people only did that in the movies! Lol
Have never ever had someone do that to me, and yes I'd find it rude. (maybe they think they're movie stars!)

argh - how hard is it to have some damn manners.

My mum does this to me every few conversations, but she is getting dementia, so i kinda have to forgive her.. LOL
I'm not offended by it... unless someone hangs up on me specifically to be rude! I don't particularly care if other people don't have manners, or a nice phone manner, as long as myself, and my kids know the right way to go about it. I would never do it myself, but each to their own really.

My nan is very deaf...she makes her phone calls as brief and too the point as possible, and somehow I always end up talking to an empty line! She seems to just say "ok then" and hangs up lol. She doesn't mean to offend, it's just her.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Yep I'd find it extremely rude!
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