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Sad :( Lock Rss

sad yes i feel the same my_little_Dazzler,

i wont delete my account but you wont hear much from me anymore. everytime i jump on i dont know which topic is which, if its old/new. cant keep up with any conversation. it does feel very lonely

i loved huggies for the chat that i dont get at home, im rather isolated and dont get much time with other ladies/mums. so this was fantastic

will miss you all sad
Don't do it !!!! I've only just come back after such a long break. With luck the mods will realise that this new system isn't as good, although some things are better

Sorry you feel this way sad We will certainly feed your comments back to the IT guys, to see what further tweaks can be made.

Would I be correct in saying that the ACTIVE tab not refreshing closer to real time, is the main cause of frustration at the moment?
I havent been on here as much as I use to because of the new layout. Im now use to it but it seems quite bland haha.

Hope to see you around from time to time Dazzler wink
Hi guys,
I've just realised we've had a miscommunication, and my previous post was incorrect about taking the active tab for a spin.

The active tab stuff has been changed as soon as we saw your comments. But there were a few other changes which were also made, and these are still in the process of being checked. This has meant we haven't published any code to the live server - so you wouldn't have seen any difference. Which was why we were a bit confused by all these comments about the active tab being slow to update.

Apologies- I didn't realise this was the case. One of the developers is making this change directly now, so it should update in the next few minutes.
check again now- it has updated on all servers
OK- sorry about the mixup. A bit embarrassing - we know that Active tab is important and had actually made the changes straight away. But code change that got held up by some other unrelated changes. We were looking at the changes on our local version, and had just assumed it was the same on the live version. So it was a bit confusing as to why everyone was still upset - now it makes sense.

The changes we've made are around speeding up the pages, so you should notice a bit of a speed increase on all pages. The change we've just pushed up is making new replies appear on the active tab, plus lots more posts on that one page. Hopefully that will make things easier to see what is new etc.
yep- I think someone is beavering away on updating the emoticon library, but from your feedback we've realised it is useful if some kind of lookup guide is there as well.
OK- as a quick fix here is the list we have right now. We'll be adding to this shortly


Mimsey wrote:
having to read through EVERYthing all over again, should take you back to where you last read/posted like the old forum grin

yep- we're also on this (and the report button)
~Dust wrote:
Where's the plus one button grin

That is a tricky one- although some people have asked for it, we also get a lot of negative feedback about the plus one, and we had an absolute tsunami of negative feedback when we had both a plus and a minus.

I think we need to better understand how "plus one" gets used/should work, and make sure that people don't feel alienated or picked on. Some of the ideas we've been kicking around is that it is more like "I agree with this", but interested in how you guys think it could work.

There is a similar issue around seeing who is following who- some people get a bit freaked out about that, who has more friends than someone else, etc. We're trying to make sure that doesn't happen, but at the same time we don't want to stop people being able to "follow" other members that they find interesting.
So glad you are not leaving hun would miss you so much. So good that admin is listening to everyone, it is really appreciated guys

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