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  5. my 3.5 yr old daughter has influenza A and wont eat anything please help

my 3.5 yr old daughter has influenza A and wont eat anything please help Lock Rss

last tuesday my became very sick high temp 40.9 aching all over vomiting and crying dr did test and got the result back the next day and said that my daughter has influenza A just said to keep up on the fluids and panadol like i was doing well byt wednesday night she seemed to get worst she also got croup to top it off i called the locum to come out and see her he said that because its the flu theres nothing for her at all during the whole week she hasnt ate much tuesday wednesday and thursday she prob ate 4 spoonfuls of cereal and she ate some smiley fritz only a quarter of it since friday she gotten worst hasnt ate hardly anything friday she only had one spoonful of her cereal and friday night she wanted me to cook her an egg i gave it to her and she didnt eat it at all and since then has had nothing ive kept up on her fluids so i know shes not dehydrated yesterday she got worst again temp wouldnt go down so called a locum he gave me antibotics for her nose as its all green so im greatful for that shes just so lifeless no energy at all and her temp goes up when her panadol wears off last night the locm said i could give her nurofen i said well she got no food in her tummy he said thats fine its only harmful after its use too many times on an empty tummy so i gave her nufofen last night n it brought her temp down again but when it wears off its back up sad i dunno what to do is it normal for her to be like this and not eat she such a good eatter sad i just want my little girl back to normal
thanks girls yeah ive been giving her panadol and nurofen last night i did them both together then i gave her panadol 4 hours later and then her nurofen when it was due again im just worried she so flat cos she got no food in her belly im greatful tho shes drinking if she goes down hil again tomorrow ill take her 2 the hospital because its been going on since tuesday poor little love
Poor thing sad I would try really easy things to eat like jelly, ice cream, pureed fruit, custard, fruit juice ice blocks, yoghurt, soup etc. I hope she feels better soon!

ive said to her she can eat anything she wants i made her jelly and she didnt want it she normally loves jelly and her aunty made her some veg soup and she normally enjoys that as well n nope not this time around sad
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