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My baby is going to be nameless !! Lock Rss

I am due in 8 days and I have no names picked out for our baby. To make it just that bit harder we don't know if its a boy or girl.
I just can't find a name that totally pops out.
I have a few that 'will do' but want one that i love.

Booohooo sad

Thats exciting not long now. I had my names picked every early even before i knew what we were having. It wouldmake it a bit harder not knowing what you are expecting this far along. Maybe once you see your little darling the name will just come to you. take a baby name book with you and maybe test it out once you have ur baby there to see what fits perfectly. good luck and im sureyou will find a name that fits smile
I had Shylah picked out with our first for if it was a girl (which is wasn't!) so have just sort of stuck with that.

Boys i LOVE Koa (like Noah but with a K) But dp absolutely HATES it !! I've just come across Leon, and Quinn for a boy i like them both.

I hope we come up with something !!

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