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Does anyone else have this problem Rss

My almost 4 year old foot size is hard to buy for.
I went to buy him some sneakers for winter since his foot was too big for the shoes my mum brought him almost 2 years ago. the shoe is a size 8 and they where a size to big when we got them.

Tried him in size 9 no luck then tried size 10 no luck. They had no shoes for little kids in bigger size.
His foot is too wide for them & it looks like i have to look for size 11 or 12 for him.
His sock size now is 9-12.
MIL said she had problem getting shoes for hubby till he turned 14 and it became easier to fit his foot.
Oh well i can see another shoe hunting trip coming soon.

My almost 4 year old wears a size 11 / 12 depending on what brand and style. He also has a wide-ish foot. I cant say i have found it difficult too find shoes for him, but i do find runners are normally more narrow than other styles, So that can be a little more time consuming when looking for the perfect fit. Most brands these days do cater for chubby lil toes laugh Good luck shoe shopping, maybe treat yourself while your there!
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