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In shock, pregnant again already!!! Lock Rss

So I have been feeling a bit blah lately and today on an impluse I took a pregnancy test thinking there is no way I could be pregnant. The result: pregnant 3+ weeks!!!

I am seriously freaking out. My baby isn't even 9 months old yet and we definitely weren't trying. I really don't understand how this has happened (apart from the obvious!!). I thought we were pretty well covered in terms of contraception, I am on the mini pill, breastfeeding and I don't even have my period back yet from having DS. As soon as my husband gets back from his course I'll be heading down the shops to get another test just to make sure.

I am really concerned though because I have been having a few drinks, a glass of wine most nights, and on Saturday night had a huge night, my first since before getting pregnant with DS. I just really hope it doesn't affect this little bubba.

It is my 2 year wedding anniversary today too so I guess my husband will be getting an extra surprise present when he gets home!

Don't get me wrong, this is a much wanted little bubba but just a fair while before was expected!!
I wouldn't worry to much about the alcohol as the first month it really doesn't affect bubs I have been told. I know the shock your experiencing, DS2 will be 19.5 months when DS3 is born next month. We were not planning on another child at this point in time although we were open to the idea in the future. It took me a good half of the pregnancy to come to terms with being pregnant as my other pregnancies were planned, all it took was one slip up this time. DS1 turned 4 last month, so will soon have a 4year old, 19 month old and new born, things are going to be interesting for a while, but we'll get there.

Congrats and good luck with the pregnancy.

Thanks guys. I think that it is slowly starting to sink in!

We did want to have our kids close together so I am sure it will all end up working out perfectly. Poor hubby is going to be in for the shock of his life when he gets home this arvo though!

I will definitely be making a doctors appointment for tomorrow and organising a blood test so I can work out how far along I am and when this little bubba will be making an appearance!
Oh crap this post just confirms my worst nightmare.... I am also on the minipill, breastfeeding and have no period. I used to chart my cycle so that I knew when was a no no time, but you can't with no period!

We are finished having kids and I'm petrified of this happening... I'm glad you were planning for another child at some stage! Eeek!

congrats, I know a lot of people who had 2 close together who had not had a period after giving birth ( one upside lol).Look my picture and you will see there are plenty of us with kids close together.2 is nothing, wait for the 3rd!!Wishing you luck, hope the hubby wont be too shocked!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

firstly congrats! i know it's a shock but i'm sure you'll be fine. My best mate was in your situation when her daughter was only 5 months old! was scarey and now she has one turning 2 next month and the other turning 1 in november.

Secondly I NEED to state.... alcohol in any part of the pregnancy can have side effects and the first timester is the worst for it! (becs22 whoever told you it's not, i hope they play it safe)
My daughter was born with hemifacial microsomia, a progressive birth defect that will slowly alter the look of her face and the very first thing i was asked is "did you drink in the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy" lucky for me i dont drink at all so we know that did not cause it but FAS causes similar things and they happen mostly during the time that the baby's blood supply through the brain becomes independant, it's the time the ears are moving up and soft and hard palate are closing, this is when cleft palates are formed. I am in no way trying to scare you but just giving you the facts. I think you'll be fine as you've not had much however I strongly suggest talking to your doctor about it and then they can be aware to look out for certain facial characteristics etc... that may indicate an effect.

Good luck and hoping you have a very safe and healthy pregnancy. It does not sound like your planning to continue drinking so fingers crossed you found out just in time smile
Wow congrats!!!

Hoping the shock turns to excitement soon smile

I really don't trust being on the pill mini or normal- my dd is a pill baby, I'm off to get the mirena inserted today as we are DONE having kiddies!

Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy smile

Yeah my doc said no funny business for at least 48hours to avoid infection... I'm in no rush to jump in the sack anyway smile

Thanks for your advice tho smile

I'm really hoping the mirena agrees with me.... 5years of contraception sounds awesome to me!!

Mimsey wrote:
One*Lucky*Mummy wrote:
Yeah my doc said no funny business for at least 48hours to avoid infection... I'm in no rush to jump in the sack anyway smile

Thanks for your advice tho smile

I'm really hoping the mirena agrees with me.... 5years of contraception sounds awesome to me!!

I'm on my forth lol, first 2 got taken out to have babies and the 3rd fell out randomly a few months ago wacko But if you need any more info let me know grin

Thanks appreciate it smile


Sure you will be fine after the shock is gone.

Happy Wedding Ann. Hope that you both have a great day. What a great suprise for your hubby on this special day.

Congratulations! smile My mum fell pregnant with my brother when I was 9 months also. We had a very close relationship because of it. Your hubby sure will be shocked!! Lol

Happy wedding anniversary! smile

Congrat's to you.
What a great anniversary present for your DH

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