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3 misscarrages 5 pregnancies Now testing begins Rss

Quick update ladies .
I have referrals now to get tests done.

Testing my Chromosomes { growing them in a lab }
Full ultrasound of my uterus

Finally a Gyno who listens willing to help me.

I'm hoping for answers.
I'm single not ttc but wanting answers .

I would love more kids one day .
All the best hope they find some answers for you
I hope they find you some answers Jude. smile
Good luck!

Good luck Jude, I hope you finally find out what went wrong. smile

Good luck hun, and keep us updated ok xxx
I was wondering where you where.
Wishing you all success in having more babies.

Wishing you all the best. Hope you get some answers

I finally found a gyno who will investigate
I hope I get answers .
Hate not knowing what happen to my babies.

I'm going ok have good & bad days .
Since I had my Ryder Jesse 8.5.2012
My car blew up would have cost to much to fix it .
So now I'm walking the cold sad
Hoping to lose weight
Save for another car for me & my 2 boys

Anyways I hope you all are well smile.

Take care everyone.
Oh I didn't realise you were single lovely.

Hope you get some answers asap thinking of you@@
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