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Just curious, do you let your children eat in the car? My hubby has laid down the rule (and won't budge from it at the moment) that DS will never eat in the car. The only time he is allowed to is if I'm sitting next to him and putting the food straight into his mouth. Not easy to do that if it's just myself. I'd love sometimes just to hand him something to keep him going while I drive. Others I've told have just laughed and said wait til DS gets older, rules will change then. So we'll see if it changes or not. lol

So, does your child eat by themselves in the car?
I give my DD snacks in the car sometimes especially if its around the time she normally woul dlike something to eat! When we go visit the in-laws its a little bit of a drive so i like to be able to give her stuff in the car! Just clean the car every fortnight and its never an issue!

Hubby does not like it but I do let the kids eat in the car which explains why it's a pigsty! So I only have myself to blame lol
I don't like the kids eatting in my car and hubby doesn't mind if they eat in his.
I just don't like food drop & not been told until i go to clean it.

Yep! We bought a new car a few weeks ago and one of the kids asked for a drink, We were on our way home from the shops which it literally less than 3 minutes drive. DF said "No" then turned to me and said, "We can't let them eat in the brand new car yet! Can we?"

I just laughed and said,"Isn't that why we got leather seats and contoured mats?"

The next day we went to my sisters house and the kids were having one of those days and without them even asking DF put them in the car and as he buckled each one of them in he gave them a popper and some rice snacks.

So it didn't last long!

Surprisingly though, they quite often eat in the other car and it's really not very dirty. People quite often comment, "You obviously don't let your kids eat in the car, do you?" As even their car seats are pretty clean. The only time our car ever gets is when we get a service or repairs done as the they give the care a wash and detail!

Only occasionally, but never anything messy. Only dry biscuits or something like that which only leave crumbs rather than sticky gooey mess!
Yes, DD eats in the car all the time. I always pack snacks when we go out and and I just make sure that whatever I hand back to her won't make a huge mess.. (I don't care about crumbs etc but I wouldn't give her a tub of yoghurt) haha... If she's hungry and wants a snack then I don't make her wait. Sitting in teh car for extended periods of time can be really boring and i would much rather vac the car every fortnight then drive around with a grumpy toddler/baby!!!!
So interesting reading everyone's replies! My husband hates the thought of any crumbs or mess in the car. Especially being out in the country where we had a mice plague last year, the little stinkers managed to get into the car (and there was no mess/food stuff left in the car). So he definitely doesn't want that happening again....
yep. mine do basically because we are in the car at times when the kids need to eat. If we drop dh at work, they will get up and we need to leave pretty much straight away. They will be hungry about halfway there (an hour trip, longer in traffic.) Same goes for picking him up. They would be in the car at dinner time. So I need to give them dinner an hour or so before hand so they don't get car sick. Then they will be hungry on the way back which is about 2.5 hours from when they had dinner. I hate them eating in the car, but we just have no time to stop and eat when they are hungry.
In our old car they did and they used to make a huge mess of it. So in this car we said no eating. They're allowed their water though. But in saying that the furthest we ever drive is half an hour and they are old enough to wait for some food.
This is such a good question! One I was pondering myself! My DD has always eaten in the car - she particularly likes bananas! They are SUCH a mess to clean! We just got a new car (second hand, but new to us tongue) and I just told DH that she is not eating in the car. He laughed at me and reminded me how crumpy DD gets when she's hungry. Any foods that are good for not getting everywhere?

We cleaned her car seat out the other week. It's only a few months old and it was disgusting how much food and crumbs came out!!!

++ And our beautiful big 2 year old girl is very excited to be a big sister ++

Yes...essential for long trips. We ate tea in the car on our last big trip so DS had sanwiches and vegie sticks and a banana. THe types of food have varied with DS age... wouldn't have given him banana a while ago!

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