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Leaving kids in locked car... Lock Rss

Not sure if there is a post regarding this already (I did search the forum) but........ I just read about this topic on a blog. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to leave children unattended in a parked car, (but not sure of the exact laws??) if anyone has a link they can post that'd be great! (I'm in WA).....but anyway. Just wanted to get opinions on this topic.

Is it wrong to leave your sleeping (or awake for that matter) child in the car, locked, and run inside to pay for fuel? This is the only instance I've ever left my DD in the car alone, when I've moved my car up to parking bay, locked the car and ran in for 2 mins and paid for fuel... I don't leave car parked at the bowser, in case there is a fire or something, and I make sure I can see the car.

But wonder now, do people think it's wrong to do that.. And could I be fined for it? I have our second baby on the way and most of the time I am looking after the kids on my own (DH works away for weeks at a time) so I don't have another adult to stay in the car with them, or it just seems ridiculous to wake a sleeping child and drag them into the shop with you when you are going to be 2 mins, and can see them.....

what's your opinion?

Yes this topic has be done before and it get's heated.

I don't leave my boys in the car while paying for pertrol or getting something from a corner shop. I only leave them in the car when hubby or my mum or mil are with me. Where we leave it gets very hot and plus you never know who around.

Nai&Beau wrote:
I do leave DS in the car if I'm paying for petrol. Im always at the closest browser and I literally am gone for a minute or 2 max.

Me too. Well I used to, now I just get fuel when they're at school - so nice to have that luxury I must say roll eyes . It's something I'd use my discretion on, obviously not being stupid enough to leave them in the car on a hot day and so forth.

This topic always does get heated, thought I'd bung my 2 cents' worth in early and then bow out lol
Can only offer advice to OP to maybe buy your petrol at a time when your kids are awake? Might need to prepare a little when you have 2 or if the time is convenient/servo is empty and you only need half a tank just fill up anyway then you won't feel so under pressure and take your time getting in and out, because it's always when you're flashing empty, servo is crazy busy and kids are asleep/cranky and you think "do I really have to get them out?" I admit I've done it, not often do I get caught out but I do occasionally, my kids are a bit older (and in school & daycare so I get to fill up by myself more often then not) so they don't freak out and can see me and paywave can make it all that much quicker.

Generally servos don't like you moving your car before paying because of the increase in drive offs..

Jamiereid60 wrote:
I think anythings ok as long as they have socks on

I have three and if I took them all out of the car every time I filled up with pertol I am sure something bad would have happened! Getting a three year old, two year old and a baby in to a store to stand pay for petrol for a minute seems a bit over the topc for me. I am from NZ though and maybe our service stations are smaller and cars are closer to the cashier?? I would never leave them in a car where I couldn't see them at all times. If I can park outside the convenience store to get milk and I can see them I would leave them, otherwise I tend to get my partner to get things on the way home from work etc. I think common sense comes in to play. If you can see them and are only away for a couple of minutes (and it's not a hot day etc which it hardly ever is here hahaha) then it may be safer than having them run off around traffic etc.
my_little_blessings wrote:
Yes this topic has be done before and it get's heated.

I don't leave my boys in the car while paying for pertrol or getting something from a corner shop. I only leave them in the car when hubby or my mum or mil are with me. Where we leave it gets very hot and plus you never know who around.

Yep it always gets heated lol and there are generally more people that do this than ones that don't, I've read enough of these debates to know lol

For the record, I'm with mylittleblessings- I just don't do it, it's something I can't bring myself to do it but don't care about others that do cos they're not doing it with my kids tongue

I leave my girls in the car when I go into pay for petrol. I lock the car and park where I can see them.
I leave DD in the car when i pay for petrol but in my defence i only plan on doing this until she's old enough to see over the counter, then she can go in and pay by herself! wink (btw if you didn't get the wink; j/k)

To the OP, you'll have to check the laws in your state. From what i understand most laws in regards to kids in cars are ambiguous and while you could be fined/charged it can be disputed (as long as your kids aren't obviously distressed or in immenent danger). Essentially it's up to and what you find acceptable.

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Can of worms this one!!

I have done it before, I don't like doing it but I have done it once or twice. I would rather get petrol when DD isn't with me.

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I do leave them in the car if I am closest to the shop but I am also not in the suburbs. I also get my post from the general store and leave them in the car.
I did read somewhere on here from someone who worked at a petrol station that little kids shouldn't be out of the car due to the fumes. Something about them being worse closer to the ground..... I try and avoid the kids breathing in the fumes so getting them out at a petrol station every time seems to outweigh the risk of the very slight chance of something happening. eg. if I get them out everytime I am guaranteeing that they are breathing in fumes that are damaging to their health. If I leave them in the car I am choosing the slight risk that something might happen. However if I take them in, there could be a robbery..... ahhhhhh the risks are many.
i leave my kids in the car ALL the time...
I pay for petrol, go to the IGA, post office etc etc.
I live in a very small country town - as in we dont even have all the digital TV channels yet & we only hvae channel 7 & 9!! there is only about 12 streets & the only stores we have is the IGA (not even a full store - an express) & 2 petrol stations & a post office... medications come into town daily on the local school bus & you pick them up at the bus stop!! haha - the medical centre is open Monday - Friday, but there is a doctor only 2 days per week, the rest of the time it is a nurse. Even the police dont work 24/7, no police service on a sunday or tuesday & wednesday nights... so, needless to say, i am not worried about much living here.

However, when we were living in Sydney, i would NEVER leave my kids in the car alone - not for a minute, not ever.
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