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Cant Help But Notice Lock Rss

Unbelievable! How much spam have we now had in how many days? I'm the same as you skip, would tell people about huggies and how there is great advice etc. now it seems it's the place to buy LV, Prada bags etc. sigh........

And frustrating as others have said in other threads about comments being deleted, threads locked quickly, yet the spam stays grrrr
I'm usually a calm, rational, patient person...but this is kinda getting more than ridiculous now. Practically every other website on the planet doesn't get spammed like this..surely it can't be THAT hard???

Just a tad frustrating. 20 pages is that a record for them??? I even had a message asking for me to follow them...yeah sure like I'm that stupid!

You know what the biggest issue is? You cannot report a member anymore just the post.

I have five pms from this dick head and I can't report the message or the member.

Frowny face.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I just reported a whole bunch more about 20 minutes ago..and they spammed the site AGAIN!

Im soo over it, its total bullshit!
Im not guna bother for much longer, WTF
Any there they go again.
I wish they would go away. no one even reads the span it's just a waist of our time.

The thing is, does spam actually work? I don't know anyone who actually clicks on it thinks 'ohhh - I must by a fake Gucci handbag from an unknown and fraudulant seller right now"...

8 pages it took for me to find a legitimate thread!!! I have been a member of the huggies website for years but only just recently started using the forum, am kind of thinking I might go back to ignoring its existence if this crap keeps up. Would be a shame as aside from the spam I enjoy my time on here and you ladies are a wealth of information.

Hope they sort this out soon!!!

It's all come from the same user only 5 mins ago. I'm sure they will fix it as soon as it is picked up. I've never seen in like this.
Seriously mods, this is all a bit backwards Huggies is about to lose some valuable members because of this crappy new forum. I'm pretty certain I've said this about 4 times now. IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT!!!!!!

Didn't the mods post something yesterday or the day before saying we shouldn't be seeing as much spam now?

I agree with all who said they need to delete the spammers account - they would have, and they did do it in the old forum, surely it's not that hard!

And pleeeeease, don't leave everybody - don't let the scum, I mean, spam win!!!!
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