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Really happy for my friends but... Lock Rss

OK, long-ish story, but here's the short version.

Me and my partner have been engaged for 3 years now and finally set a date on Saturday, for January next year.

I then asked my 2 friends and sister to be bridesmaids to which they accepted. My sister tells me that she has just miscarried at a couple of weeks, which is upsetting but she shrugs it off (she has been told she shouldn't have any more kids as her husband has to go through a vigorous procedure which will most definitely give their children various genetic disorders)

On the Sunday, one of my bridesmaids tell me she is pregnant (only found out that morning) which I am completely happy about. It was an unplanned pregnancy, but she is still ecstatic about it.

And now my 3rd bridesmaid has just told me she is pregnant (no idea how far along) they weren't really trying as she has polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. But I am SO happy for her being pregnant!

Now, first thing, I don't mind them being pregnant for our wedding! I think it's quite cute actually. But I can't help feeling a little upset by it as we have been trying for 7 months now without luck. We miscarried our bub last July at 8 weeks.

I can't even really explain how I feel?? I am so happy for them, but yet so envious?!?!

More of a vent than anything! Silly emotions!
Hey I know how you feel. It took us 2.5 years to conceive this one, our first. Its hard seeing friends fall pregnant when you are TTC. Even though you are super happy for them, you still feel pain. But your turn will come. smile In a few months time (when you have been trying for 12 months+), you and your partner can get checked out and see if there are any fertility "problems". Even if they have trouble finding the "problem" there are still other avenues to take.

Chin up, you'll be fine. smile

Congrats on setting the date, how exciting. Have a think about whether you want to be pregnant while you are getting married. We still TTC but didnt get any help (as after 12-18 months of TTC, there had to be a fertility "problem") leading up to the wedding. Personally I was glad that I wasnt pregnant during our wedding, but thats just me, its personal choice. Once the wedding was over, thats when I received help and after a couple of months we finally fell pregnant.

Best of luck. ~*~ Sticky Baby Dust ~*~

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