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I have to tell someone before I explode!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone I am an old member and have not been on here in ages the new layout is a bit confusing lol

Anyway I have a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy and I just found out yesterday we are expecting no 3 in early March I an so happy and excited I just had to tell someone but we do not want to tell family and friend for a few more weeks yet

Rena xo

yaaaaayyyy! How exciting! Congratulations! Hope you are feeling fantastic!
I remember your name smile I changed mine a few months ago tho smile

Congrats on number 3, how exciting!

You may be confused for a while with the new layout, lol, they are still ironing out some crinkles!

thankyou so much everyone I am so excited its a couple of months early than we planned but oh well it was meant to be just means I will be 5 months pregnant when we get married lol

congrats. thats super exciting! i'm also pregnant with bub #3.

i hope you have a wonderful pregnancy smile
Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy smile

Congrats! I found out on the week-end that Im UTD as well, due 3/3/13! So exciting!
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