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Friend's hubby is flirting with me by text regularly. Do I tell her or not??? Lock Rss

Ladies I need some opinions as I have never been in this situation before.

As you can see by my Title, a friend's hubby is flirting with me by text alot lately and I'm really not sure what to do as it's a very tricky situation. I apologise now for the novel i'm about to write.

My friend and I have known each other for years, we use to work together, we have lived across the rd from each other for the last 3.5yrs and our kids have grown up going to the same childcare centre and are now in prep together (same class). We are good friends in the sense we talk about our health, kids health and general life but we have never spoken much about our relationships with our hubby's. Which is why i'm not sure what to do.

I see her hubby at school pick up 3 times a week, he's helped us with out vege garden and such and 3 weeks ago I dislocated my knee and he looked after it (he's a first aid officer and done sports medicine training) as my gf picked me up from the garage floor so they stayed with me an the kids till hubby got home that night. So since the start of the year he's become a good mate but the last few weeks he's started crossing the line.

Started with him checking in on my knee an such then it turned into questions whether hubby was home looking after me an if I said he was at work he'd make in appropriate remarks. He'll say things like bet DH wouldn't do that etc. Or he'll say how moody his wife is and if I miss DH cause he works so much as she doesnt miss him and more. I have never responded to any of the inappropriate things with an answer he wants. I always just brush over them or change the subject. Now i've told DH about it all and he's not to concerned as he trusts me 100% but of course he doesn't like some of the stuff thats being said to me.

Now my issue with either saying something to him or her is that we see each other soooo much. I take their son to school once a week and they bring my dd home or take her to school if I need them to. I see him at school 3 times a week and I see her the rest of the time. I don't wanna make things uncomfortable with him or ruin my friendship with her. Should I be saying something or just hope that it stops eventually??
I agree with mimsey I'd approach him first. If it continued then I would tell her.

I wouldn't say anything. If you want to stay friends with his wife just deal with it and say nothing to him unless he makes an obvious move and crosses the line. Just avoid being alone with him, if he comes over don't invite him in just chat at the door. Keep conversations casual and don't talk about anything personal. If he does then change the subject. He'd have to be a moron not to pick up those hints.
Oh and don't reply to his texts.
I agree with what everyone else has said, especially FrenchKiwiChick, keep the texts, just in case he turn the table on you. Some people do it because of rejection, so just keep your wits about you.
I can understand how much of a sticky situation you're in, must be so hard!

Does your hubby have any thoughts on how to go about it?

Thanks for all the reply's ladies.
I have kept all the text messages although was going to delete them so now I won't.
Hubby hasn't said to much really, I guess he's not to worried but I have only mentioned it to him twice not all the times it's been happening. Cause a lot of the time he's not home and then I forget about it.
If he does take things to the next level I will def put him in his place. A few times he's said really shocking things and I have said you can keep that to yourself or TMI etc and then I ignored his following texts.
I don't want to have to say anything incase it causes problems and I especially don't want it to cause issues with me and my friend.
He is prob about 7-10yrs older then me and I did say to him on tues cause somehow the conversation got to us older men r better or something and I said i'm only into older if its Vin Diesel, which I had hoped would shut him up but of course it didn't so in the end I ignored his texts.
i'd be straight up with him first before you start any un necessary drama.. tell him that you feel some of the things he's been saying are out of line & it makes you uncomfortable... see how he re acts.. if he stops problem solved.. you may have been misinterperating it anyway...

if he continues, go to your friend but ONLY if you have proof like a text etc.

chances are she's going to believe her husband over you.. after all he's her husband and she loves him.. she'll more than likely turn it around & make out like your starting trouble because you're unhappy with something in your life.. & of course if he is in the wrong he'll deny it too & you'll be the bad one..

good luck and make sure you really think before you act. it's a sticky situatuion to be in. xo

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