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My daughter is 5 and sucks her thumb......I took away her 'nigh night' (blanket thing shes had since she was a baby) and recently her little teddy. If she was holding those 2 things she would suck her thumb. She does it to get to sleep as well. I am hoping that by taking away her comfort toy things she may slow down on the thumb sucking. I have also told her 'big girls dont suck their thumbs'.

Anyone else have children who still thumb suck and what ages did they stop? What did you do to help stop the thumb sucking?

I have a thumb sucker but she is only 20m.o. so I will be watching this post closely! My DD doesn't only do it to sleep, she often does it all day so I am very concerned about braces in the future. She also pulls her eyelid down with her other hand at the same time so I imagine her being older with braces and a droopy eye .... not that she wouldn't still be beautiful to me .... lol
In my experience, the harder to try and force them to stop, the longer they might carry on; this was certainly the case for me. My mother insisted on trying EVERYTHING to get me to stop, nothing worked, and I carried on sucking my thumb for much longer than I might have had she just left me alone.

We have a thumb sucker; he's 5 in a couple of months and tbh I'm not all that bothered by it. He sucks when he is going to sleep and when he's tired if he's got nothing to do with his hands. Once he's asleep, 99% of the time the thumb comes out on its own. We've not tried to do anything to get him to stop, because as I said, we're not bothered by it. I know someone who was having success with a thumb guard from these people....

My friend successfully stopped her daughter from thumb sucking by covering the thumb in fish oil. It stinks, tastes horrible but at least you know bub is safe if they try to eat it. So any of those horrible oils would suffice, it's guaranteed to work!

Good luck.
Sweetflutterby wrote:
I'm of the opinion that she should have her teddy and her blankie if she wants them. IMHO, kids grow out of these things and (to me) it seems a bit mean to take away their security. The only problem I can see is that if she sucks her thumb in public, other kids might tease her. Maybe she can have her teddy and blankie for sleeptime only?

Fiona x x x

I agree with this ^^. I think a lot of kids will always need some sort of security - this may make her use her thumb now as her security and make the situation worse. My son is 7 and still has his "baby pillow" as he calls it (a really small pillow thing he got when he was born), he only uses it at night, it makes him feel safe.

Thumb sucking will be hard thing to stop, I wish you luck! smile

I stopped when I was 7 - I would only do it in my sleep by the later years and in the mornings mum would inspect my thumb and "tsk tsk" about it. I believe it was a new pair of shoes that my grandparents were going to take away that stopped me in the end but I do remember being shamed into stopping.

This is why my kids had dummies from the day they were born, I didn't want them going through what I did.

Thanks everyone. She gave up her blanky on her own but I was just being mean and taking her teddy. She has not been bothered by teddy 'going missing'.

I have considered the oil stuff on her thumb. I will definately try that as she not only sucks her thumb when she is tired, she does it all the time!

Mum said I stopped when I was around my daughters age.....

my son is 5 and a half, sucks his thumb, and has a blanket he calls "giggle" .he started thumb sucking at 3.5 months, and the blanket use to be in his cot as a dribble catcher. the dentist has said his teeth are perfect, as he doesnt push his teeth while sucking, but puts to the roof of his mouth instead. we have thought about getting nail polish....but not too bothered by it, it makes him happy. he hurt his lip in the bath a few weeks back, and was distrort he may not of been able to suck his thumb, so he isnt ready yet..... i may need to send to rehab for it later wink

PAIRS wrote:
So any of those horrible oils would suffice, it's guaranteed to work!

I got oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, and probably tabasco at some stage too...didn't stop me in the slightest; in fact, from memory, it barely phased me and I either just washed it off or sucked it off.

my daughter is a finger sucker.

If she does it at night I think that is ok, but she does it during the day (she is 2.5) and I worry that it is affecting her ability to talk as she always has her fingers in her mouth. If I see her with them in I always say "fingers out of your mouth please Willow" in which she does. But then she watches me watching her and when she thinks I can't see her she sticks them back in her mouth.

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Have just seen your comments re thumb sucking. I had a problem with my daughter similar age and found the only thing that worked was a physical barrier to sucking her thumb. I got a mitten from Bedtime Buddy Mittens and the effect was immediate. She loved wearing the mitten, could wear it day or night, and it broke her habit once and for all. They are in fun animal designs which encourages the kids.

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